There has been outpouring of reaction following the death of Eric Teisberg, who owned and operated Resale Records on the city's East Side for nearly 40 years.

The shop, housed in a Trachte building at 2401 Commercial Ave., was home to a wide collection of vintage record albums displayed in wooden boxes, plastic bins and hanging from the walls and ceiling. Some were his own, others were being sold on consignment.

Teisberg, who was 61, died Sunday of an apparent heart attack outside the nearby Tip Top Tavern. There have been numerous comments on social media and an in-depth profile of Teisberg by Scott Gordon for the website Tone Madison.

It's unclear what will become of the building, records and Teisberg's dog, Snow, but Madison photographer Noel Anderson is sharing a photo he took on Aug. 19 that captured the essence of Teisberg's business and that will forever preserve the character of the unconventional shop.

Anderson, 61, has spent almost 40 years as a geologist, soil scientist, and geographic information system analyst but is also an avid photographer and founder of the Wisconsin Audiophile Society. He took the photo after attending the Eken Park Festival.

"People like Eric and his business just blend into the background of life and they surely deserve to (be) brought forward into stark relief for their simple yet passionate life work dedicated to (a) business that he had to think was a dying cause," Anderson wrote in an e-mail Thursday. "I sure hope he appreciated how the vinyl scene has exploded back onto the international stage."

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