By JUDY NEWMAN 608-252-6156 It seems cupcakes take the cake when it comes to Madison's taste for sweet treats.

Open since May 18, the Daisy Cafe & Cupcakery, 2727 Atwood Ave., expects to sell its 10,000th cupcake today.

That translates to 10,000 cupcakes in 46 days, or about 217 cupcakes a day - twice as many as owners Daryl Sisson and Kathy Brooks anticipated.

"I'm just blown away by it," Brooks said.

Sisson and Brooks are both veterans of the Food Fight restaurant chain, based in Madison. Brooks was employed by Monty's Blue Plate Diner - just down the street from the Daisy Cafe - from the time Monty's opened, eventually becoming general manager and then part-owner.

When she and Sisson, a former managing partner and part-owner at Food Fight, decided to open their own cafe and Sisson suggested incorporating cupcakes as a theme, "I said, 'Really? Cupcakes?' "

But the idea of the little cakes apparently caught on in Madison as it has around the country.

Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills, Calif., claimed to have been the world's first cupcake bakery when it opened in 2005. Now it has five locations around the nation with 17 more in the works, including shops as far as London and Tokyo.

New York's Magnolia Bakery has received national publicity for its cupcakes. Sisson said many medium to large-size cities have at least one cupcake bakery, but there were none in Wisconsin, at least until Daisy Cafe came along.

Why cupcakes?

"I hear people say it's a great size, not too much" to eat, Sisson said. "It's good for little kids' hands and for adults. My 17-year-old daughter licked the frosting off like an ice-cream cone."

Daisy's cupcakes are described as "standard size" with 3-inch-wide tops, made primarily of chocolate or yellow cake with Swiss meringue buttercream frosting. Recent flavors included chocolate coconut, raspberry chocolate, strawberry vanilla and carrot cake with cream-cheese frosting.

The shop's signature cupcake is banana cake with orange frosting in a daisy design with a fresh raspberry in the center. More elaborate cupcakes are expected to be added to the lineup later this month.

Any more cupcakeries in the works for Sisson and Brooks? "It's a distinct potential," said Sisson.



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