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Slave R Slave R evolts: The R o evolts: The Amman Empire erican 71 BC, Spartacus South The First Servile War against Roman rule occurred in 135 BC; The Second from 104 to 100 BC; The Third, involving Spartacus, from 73 to 71 BC. Each revolt began because thousands of slaves decided that enough was enough. If they lost, they risked death by crucifixion. For details, turn a few pages in today’s paper. 1831, Nat Turner America had its share of slave revolts, too. These involved hundreds of slaves, however, not thousands, as in Rome. Here are three: 1811, Louisiana; 1822, South Carolina; 1831, Virginia, Nat Turner -- for details, turn a few more pages in today’s paper. Read. Learn. Become More Aware. K. G. Richardson Amazon, bookstores and local libraries (Madison and Lodi)