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71 BC, Spartacus Roman legionnaires pursued an army of former slaves led by Spartacus, losing battle after battle to his forces for over two years. The Roman army finally cornered and defeated him in 71 BC. Spartacus died on the battlefield while 6,000 of his slave-soldiers were captured. The Roman general had them crucified and displayed on the Appian Way from Rome to Capua, approximately 100 feet apart for miles. Dying slowly of exposure and asphyxiation and then rotting away, these bodies remained on view for weeks so travelers could ponder the fate of anyone who dared to rebel against the Roman state. From read. Learn. 5000 bc to st become more Aware. the 21 century© K. G. Richardson Amazon, bookstores and local libraries (Madison and Lodi) 7,000 Years of Slavery, Rape, Greed