Details for Endodontic Specialists of Madison, S.C. - Ad from 2021-05-02

The office of Dr. Frederick L. Katz, DDS, MSD, Endodontic
Specialists of Madison, S.C., located at 310 N Midvale Blvd,
Suite 203 Madison, WI is closing effective July 1, 2021 due
to retirement. It has been our pleasure providing your
endodontic needs and we thank you for allowing us to be part
of your healthcare team.
If you are a patient of record within the last 10 years, the
general dentist who referred you to our office was supplied
with a report and a post-op x-ray (if one was taken) of your
treatment and/or consultation. They should have this
information in your records in their office. However, if you
wish to receive a copy of your record, please call our office at
608.833.7424 to request a health records release authorization
form to be completed and returned to our office no later than
June 15th. After June 15, 2021, all inquiries about records or
other matters should be directed to Custodian of Records for
Endodontic Specialists of Madison, S.C. located at 4923 Foxfire
Trail, Middleton, WI 53562.