Details for Ascendium - Ad from 2021-04-04

Attract & Retain Top Talent Provide the fastest growing employee benefit — student loan repayment assistance When employers address the burden of student loans, recruitment and retention gets easier, engagement climbs and productivity grows. 2% Student loan debt spans many generations 15% Ages: 60-99 Ages: 45-59 34% Ages: 18-29 49% Ages: 30-44 86% of employees with student loans would commit to a company for 5 years if the employer helped pay back their student loans Sources: and Co-Pay Partners® makes it easy to help pay down your employees’ student loans. Attigo’s® student loan repayment support is provided by Ascendium Education Solutions® who, for 50+ years, has helped student loan borrowers achieve positive outcomes. Get started at Attigo is provided by Ascendium Education Solutions, Inc. Co-Pay Partners is provided by NorthStar Education Services, LLC™. Ascendium and NorthStar are affiliates of Ascendium Education Group, Inc.®