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A meeting of the Madison Area Technical College District Board was held
on December 2, 2020 in a virtual format. Members of the public were given an
opportunity to attend the meeting virtually through a phone line published as part
of the notice.
Board members present: Shiva Bidar-Sielaff, Elton Crim, Randy Guttenberg,
Arlyn Halvorson, Joseph Hasler, Frances Huntley-Cooper, Melanie Lichtfeld,
Ananda Mirilli, and Christopher Polzer.
Also present: Jack E. Daniels, President; Jon Anderson, Legal Counsel;
Valentina Ahedo, Dean of Goodman South Campus; Turina Bakken, Provost;
Rosemary Buschhaus, Vice- President of Human Resources & Chief Human
Resources Officer; Tim Casper, Executive Vice- President of Student Success &
Institutional Learning and Effectiveness; James Falco, Associate Vice-President of
Regional Campuses; and Mark Thomas, Executive Vice-President for Finance and
Administration & Chief Operating Officer.
Others present: Geoff Bradshaw, Dean of International Education; Brittany
Campbell, Student Liaison; Sean Green, Student Senate President; and Kristin
Rolling, Recording Secretary.
Call to Order I
The meeting was duly noticed and called to order at 5:32 p.m.
Routine Business Matters II
Approval of Meeting Minutes II
There was a motion and a second to approve the meeting minutes of
November 4, 2020, as submitted. Motion carried.
New Business III
Communications III A
Board Chair’s Report III A 1
Future Meeting & Event Schedule III A 1 a
Ms. Huntley-Cooper reported that the Board will meet virtually through at least
March 2021. The Board will discuss future meeting formats at their March 2021
Student Liaison Report III A 2
Ms. Campbell thanked student leaders for their efforts to engage students in
virtual events and programming. Ms. Campbell introduced Mr. Green to provide
an update on the Student Senate. Mr. Green reported that the Student Senate will
engage in equity and inclusion training.
College/Campus Announcements III A 3
Mr. Falco reported that most credit classes have finished at all regional campuses.
The campuses will continue to support students virtually and help them make
arrangements for equipment and textbook returns. Regional campuses finished the
semester with no known COVID cases reported. In the remaining weeks before the
winter break, a few campuses will complete their face to face classes in EMT basic,
metal fabrication and nursing students will finish their clinical rotations. Four welding
booths for will be moved from Commercial Avenue to the Portage Enterprise Center.
The booths will allow for expansion of the business and industry welding certification
trainings and will help with the middle school summer welding camps. All regional
campuses took part in the charitable campaign “Koats for Kids”, donating new and
gently used clothing for families in the district. The Fort Atkinson campus collected
additional food pantry items that were donated for distribution to students and
community members before the holidays. The Portage campus sponsored a blood
drive at a local church. The Reedsburg campus will have a virtual pinning ceremony
on December 15th for Associate Degree Nursing graduates. Effective at the end of
December, the regional campuses will have 41 new nurses joining the work force.
Ms. Ahedo reported that classes that had been meeting at the campus have
largely completed their in-person work and are mostly in a remote environment.
Goodman South Campus will continue to work with community partners to administer
GED testing, collecting loaned computer equipment from students who are not
returning for the spring semester, and staffing the college’s Live Chat feature to
assist students. The campus will also offer the Cupboard Food Pantry in December
for students. To-date, the pantry has served nearly 100 students.
Dr. Bakken reported that the Center for International Education is presenting two
sessions in collaboration with UW-Madison’s EducationUSA Academy Connects.
This center provides international high school students the opportunity to explore
life US campus. The Cabinetmaking and Millwork program was recently featured
in Woodwork Network, a national publication for the industry. The WPS Charitable
Foundation donated $25,000, with a primary focus on increasing diversity in the
insurance industry. This funding will support students earning an insurance certificate
through Madison College. The L2 Advising Committee is a cross disciplinary team
of faculty, staff, students, and administrators who create a series of activities for
faculty to recognize and support their students’ linguistic and cultural backgrounds
and connect students to resources on potential language-related obstacles.
Ms. Nuñez reported that there were 4,000 registrations for the Madison College
Talks event with Dr. Ibram Kendi. Nearly 2,500 of those registrations logged in for
the event.
Dr. Casper reported that the college recruitment efforts are focused on new
students and continuing students who have not yet enrolled for Spring 2021. The
college’s paid media campaign will continue through mid-January. Madison College
is one of the first community colleges in the country to join the Alpha Alpha Alpha
Honor Society for first generation students. Phi Theta Kappa welcomed 94 new
student scholars and honored 34 faculty with the Golden Apple award, and the
National Society of Leadership and Success inducted 51 students and granted
recognition to advisor Brianna Stapleton Welch and biology instructor Sharon
Holthaus. Faculty, staff, and students participated in virtual Veterans Day events
recognizing the more than 700 military-connected students at Madison College.
The League of Women Voters of Dane County recognized Ellie Rome and Brianna
Stapleton-Welch, Office of Student Life, for their efforts related to voter education,
registration, and documentation.
Dr. Thomas reported that most of the CARES and other COVID relief related
funding has been allocated. The alternative energy projects at Reedsburg,
Watertown, and Fort Atkinson are in progress. The fitness center area remodeling
project has started and is scheduled to be completed in 12 months. The sale of
Borrow D was completed within the parameters established by the Board.
President’s Report III A 4
Dr. Daniels reported that the Combined Charitable Campaign exceeded its
goal of $75,000, raising more than $90,000. On Friday, the college will host an allemployee forum focusing on preparations for 2021, budget, and equity and inclusion.
Spring 2021 will mirror the fall semester, with no college-sponsored employee travel,
no events hosted on campuses, minimal access to campus for employees, COVID
screening prior to entrance to a campus, and no athletics competitions until at least
mid-February. The college does not have any plans for furloughs or layoffs.
Equity and Inclusion Plan III A 4 a
Dr. Daniels introduced Ms. Nuñez and Dr. Bradshaw to present the Madison
College Equity and Inclusion Plan. Ms. Nuñez stated that the college’s plan is meant
to be dynamic and represents the college’s commitment to:
• Understanding and acknowledging the gaps that exist for students, especially
calling out racial inequities;
• Deepening knowledge of the historical and structural levels of oppression that
impact students and employees;
• Designing strategies that focus on the severest gaps, and monitoring what is
working by tracking and utilizing data;
• Prioritizing actions and resources to advance racial equity and inclusion; and
• Creating intentional and real institutional change
Dr. Bradshaw, who is serving at the college’s Academic Diversity Officer, shared that
the focus of his work is on establishing systems and processes that can drive and
sustain equity and inclusion as part of the college’s academic culture.
Action Items III B
Fiscal Year 2019-20 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report III B 1
Dr. Thomas reported that On November 4, 2020 a representative from Clifton
Larson Allen, LLP (CLA), the district’s external auditor, presented the draft FY201920 audit report including an unqualified audit opinion on the financial statements.
The representative reported that it was a clean audit with no adjustments or noncompliance issues identified.
There was a motion by Mr. Hasler, seconded by Mr. Guttenberg, to accept
the June 30, 2020 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report without the
single audit. Motion carried.
Fiscal Year 2020-21 Budget Amendment III B 2
Dr. Thomas reported that the Fiscal Year 2020-21 budget was approved by the
District Board on June 3, 2020. In accordance with State Statute 65.90(5)(a) and the
Wisconsin Administrative Code TCS 7.05(7), and to adhere to the District Board’s
policy, budget amendments for FY2020-21 were presented.
There was a motion by Mr. Hasler, seconded by Dr. Crim, to approve the
budget modifications for FY 2020-21. Motion carried unanimously.
Proposed FY2020-21 Capital Remodel Projects III B 3
Dr. Thomas reported that as part of the capital projects planning process, several
remodeling projects have been identified for funding. The projects are included in the
Three- Year Facilities Plan approved by the Madison College Board on September
2, 2020.
• Truax – Architecture - The construction for this project would take place in
spring/summer 2021, and the estimated project cost is $1,500,000.
• Health Education Building – Biotech, Bi-Manufacturing - The construction
for this project would take place in spring/summer 2021, and the estimated
project cost is $1,500,000.
• Truax – Science Technology Engineering & Math Center (STEM) - The
construction for this project would take place summer 2021, and the estimated
project cost is $650,000.
• Truax – Ingenuity Center Faculty Office - The construction for this project
would take place summer 2021, and the estimated project cost is $300,000.
• Early Learning Campus (formerly Penske Building) Entrepreneur Center - The
construction for this project would take place in spring/summer 2021, and the
estimated project cost is $1,500,000.
• Fort Atkinson – Advanced Manufacturing/Metal Fabrication - The construction
for this project would take place in spring/summer 2021, and the estimated
project cost for new construction is $1,200,000 and remodel is $300,000.
Capital equipment, including technology, instructional equipment, and furniture,
are not part of the construction estimates. All renovation projects will meet current
Americans with Disability Act (ADA) standards.
There was a motion by Mr. Hasler, seconded by Mr. Guttenberg, to:
1. Approve the above remodel projects.
2. Authorize staff to prepare construction drawings and specifications
and to send the above projects out for competitive bids.
3. Authorize staff to submit a request for approval of each project to the
Wisconsin Technical College System for Board approval.
Motion carried.
Capital Projects Borrowing III B 4
Resolution Authorizing the Issuance of Not to Exceed $3,500,000
General Obligation Promissory Notes, Series 2020-21F III B 4 a
Dr. Thomas reported that the resolution is the authorization to begin the process
to borrow for capital projects and totals $3,500,000, including $1,500,000 for building
remodeling and improvement, and $2,000,000 for the cost of acquisition of movable
equipment and technology. Once the borrowing is authorized, the resolution is
published as public notice per Section 67.12(12)(e)5 of the Wisconsin Statutes. Bids
are then received. An authorizing resolution will be forthcoming to the Board to set
the parameters to award the sale of the bonds to the lowest bidder from the bidding
There was a motion by Mr. Polzer, seconded by Ms. Bidar-Sielaff, to adopt
the Resolution Authorizing the Issuance of Not to Exceed $3,500,000
General Obligation Promissory Notes, Series 2020-21F. Motion carried.
Resolution Establishing the Parameters For the Sale of Not to
Exceed $3,500,000 General Obligation Promissory Notes, Series 2020-21F III B 4 b
Dr. Thomas reported that the resolution limits the delegation of authority by
stating that the General Obligation Promissory Notes may not be issued unless the
True Interest Cost is equal to or less than 3.0%.
There was a motion by Dr. Crim, seconded by Mr. Polzer, to adopt the
resolution Authorizing the Parameters to Award the Sale of $3,500,000
General Obligation Promissory Notes, Series 2020-21F. Motion carried.
Consent Agenda III B 5
General fund financial report as of October 31, 2020 III B 5 a
Request for proposals/request for bids/sole sources III B 5 b
Supplier payments greater than or equal to $2,500 and schedule of
checks issued for the period October 15, 2020, through November
15, 2020 III B 5 c
Employment of personnel III B 5 d
Resignations and Separations III B 5 e
There was a motion by Mr. Hasler, seconded by Ms. Bidar-Sielaff, to
approve Consent Agenda items III.B.5.a. through e. Motion carried
Adjournment V
There was a motion by Ms. Bidar-Sielaff, seconded by Mr. Guttenberg, to
adjourn the meeting. Motion carried.
The meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.
Elton J. Crim, Jr., Secretary
PUB: WSJ: January 14, 2021
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