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Open Meeting Notice
A meeting of the Members Loan
Committee of the Wisconsin Housing and
Economic Development Authority will be
held on April 7, 2021 at 8:30 a.m.
In order to promote and protect the safety
of both the public and staff in light of the
COVID-19 virus and pursuant to various
Emergency Orders of the Governor of the
State of Wisconsin, no physical meeting
location will be utilized. Instead, a
teleconference line is being provided for
interested persons to utilize in lieu of
physical presence at the public meeting.
This meeting is available to the public
through the following toll-free call-in
number: 1 (608) 338 - 1377, passcode
number: 53854316#. Any interested
member of the public may call this
number and listen to the meeting.
The items to be discussed are included
below. Note that the Members Loan
Committee will close the meeting as
stated in the agenda below.
Wisconsin Housing and Economic
Development Authority
Meeting of the
Members Loan Committee
1 (608) 338-1377
Passcode number: 53854316#
APRIL 7, 2021
8:30 a.m.
A. Call to Order and Roll Call
B. Approval of the Minutes of the
March 24, 2021 Meeting
C. Closed Session. Per Wis. Stat. ยง
19.85(1)(e) a closed session is authorized
for conducting public business whenever
the nature of the business to be
considered at the closed session is
deliberating certain aspects associated
with the making or modification of a
multifamily or economic development
loan, where competitive or bargaining
reasons require a closed session. The
Members Loan Committee will open the
meeting again at the end of the closed
D. Closed Session Decision Items
1. First Amendment to Loan Approval for
Cabrini School Lofts, Oshkosh
E. Open Session
F. Decision Items
1. Volume Cap Allocation to Local Issuer
G. Discussion Items
1. Economic Development & Supportive
Housing Initiative
H. Other Business
I. Adjournment
WSJ: April 6, 2021-46650