Details for CITY OF MADISON BUILDING INSPECTIONS - Ad from 2021-05-04

Wisconsin State Journal
Tenants and former tenants¹ of the following addresses are eligible to apply for Rent
Abatement per Madison General Ordinance 32.04.
Tenants may be eligible for Self-Help Repairs.²
Application for hearings must be filed with the Rent Abatement Clerk in the Building
Inspection Division ³ There is a $10.00 filing fee, which may be waived if low-income
guidelines are met.
Please call 608-266-4551, Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM, and ask to speak to
the Rent Abatement Clerk to schedule an appointment to apply.
¹ Rent Abatement Hearing eligibility is a result of the property owner’s failure to repair
Housing Code violations by the date set in an Official Notice. Former tenants may
apply for this process only if they have lived in the apartment sometime between the
original inspection which resulted in the Official Notice and the present date.
² Self-Help Repairs will permit a tenant to have repairs made to their living unit, if the
building owner has failed to comply with orders from the Building Inspection Division
of the Department of Planning & Community & Economic Development. The tenant
must give notice to the landlord that they intend to use these Self-Help procedures.
Qualified professionals, (as) required by law, must do repairs and the cost of repairs
may be deducted from rent. This Self-Help Repair procedure is in addition to Rent
Note: The above addresses may be eligible for Self-Help Repairs.
PUB: WSJ: May 04, 2021
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