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June is Pearl Month!
What better way to celebrate a June birthday than with this lustrous organic gem?
Studio Jewelers is proud of its extensive selection of pearls in both classic and designer settings.
Stop in today and see!

South Sea pearls come primarily from Australia, Indonesia,
the Philippines, andTahiti.They are larger than Japanese Akoya
pearls because the oysters that produce them are larger.
South Sea pearls range from silver-white to golden in color.The
exception is the pearls ofTahiti, which are naturally dark in color
and can exhibit colorful overtones of green, blue, pink, purple
and gold–sometimes all in the same pearl!
South Sea pearls were once harvested exclusively from wild
oysters, and matched strands commanded stratospheric
prices. Now South Sea pearl farming has made South Sea
cultured pearls widely accessible. They’re large, in charge
—and affordable! Stop in today and have a look.


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