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We love...

We love the way a single, perfect flower
bloom can catch the sunlight on a
spring morning.
We love how the smell of fresh herbs
carried in on the breeze can inspire an
afternoon of cooking, eating, and laughing
with our family.
We love the feeling of stillness and peace we
get while surrounded by pure joy.
We love sharing it with you.

What We offer

We pride ourselves on offering one of the
widest selections of annual, perennial, and
vegetable plants in Wisconsin. Our team
cares for every plant we grow by hand until
it is ready to go home with you. Nestled in
over 30,000 square feet of retail space, it
doesn’t get any better than this in
Southern Wisconsin.

Solar Power!

We utilize over 1200 square feet of solar
panels to help offset our yearly electricity
costs and help reduce our carbon footprint.
As indicated by the readout on one of our
two power inverters, we’ve been able to
substantially reduce the amount of CO2
released into our ecosystem. This has not
only benefited our community, but has also
allowed us to use the money we’ve saved for
improving every imaginable aspect
of what we do.


We use beneficial insects to help combat
harmful pests that can wreak havoc in a
greenhouse or garden. This helps us reduce
the use of many chemicals and sprays that
smell bad, leave icky residue on leaves and
flowers, and aren’t very healthy for people
and pets. You can attract beneficial
insects in your garden too!

1828 Sandhill Rd.
oregon, Wi
Quality Bloomers,
Reasonable Prices

Located in the beautiful Town of Dunn –
Just east of Oregon, WI