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Is your portfolio prepared
for the election outcome?
Focus on what you can control—and get a second opinion on your financial plan
Against the backdrop of current events, the 2020 US presidential election couldn’t have come at a more
turbulent time.
While we can control our risk management, portfolios and reactions, we can‘t control the events themselves,
nor can we predict the outcomes. Focusing on areas over which we have some control, instead of those we do
not, is likely to lead to better results and less angina along the way.
A second opinion on your portfolio or financial plan can give you the confidence to weather any storm.
Our eight Financial Advisors are here for you and ready to help you pursue your most important goals.
Ready to start the conversation? Call us today.
Andrew D. Burish, CIMA®
Managing Director
#1 Best-In-State Wealth Advisor and #11 on the Top 250
Wealth Advisors in the US by Forbes, 2020
Relationships with $1 million or more are
well-served by our capabilities.

The Burish Group
UBS Financial Services Inc.
8020 Excelsior Drive, Suite 400, Madison, WI 53717

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