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Real Estate Tips and Advice

Renovations that Sell

If you are looking to
sell your home this
year, there are a few
things to consider
before getting a
Realtor to put your
house up for sale.

to create more value in your
home. Especially if your home is
older, creating more space can be
a great selling point for when you
put your home up for sale.
Creating more room for the
fridge can be a great way to raise
your home value. If you live in
an older home, then consider
modernizing appliances, space
and features of your home to
appeal to buyers.

Here’s a list of renovations
that will help get you more bang
for your buck when you list your

Green home

Realtors and buyers alike are
all looking to make home as
energy efficient as possible. There
are simple ways you can do this
in your home. Here are a list of
things to consider:

Spray Foam

There are a number of home
renovations you can make to the
inside of your home that can help
raise your value instantly. Any
time you renovate with energy
efficient appliances, it becomes a
great selling point and something
Realtors can market to potential
If you’re looking to install
energy efficient renovations to
your home then insulation is one
of the best ways to make your
home more efficient. There are
plenty of types of insulation you
can install in your home, but
there are a few most Realtors
recommend. One of the most
highly recommended is spray
foam insulation. There are two
types of spray foam: closed-cell
and open-cell that allow the
insulation to fill every corner and
space in your attic, making your
home better insulated.

Finding a Good Contractor


When choosing a contractor to head up your remodel, following simple steps from the experts at HGTV can mean the
difference between complete confidence and sleepless nights:

Now we’re not going to lie and
say it is inexpensive and easy, but
the payout will be well worth the
cost. Do your research on the
various types and talk to your
Realtor about what would be the
best fit in your home.

KItchen remodelS

Remodeling your kitchen is a
great way to get more value out
of your home when you put it

up for sale. Renovations don’t
have to be full remodels of your
home. Some renovations can be
as simple as installing an item
in your home that wasn’t there
Install an island in your
kitchen if there is room for
one. An island is a great way to
increase counter and storage
space, adding more value to your

home. If you are unsure about
whether an island will work,
then create one using plywood
or cardboard to see if the
dimensions of the island will fit in
your kitchen. Make sure you can
open your fridge and stove doors.
If an island doesn’t fit, consider
purchasing a kitchen trolly.
Updating kitchen cabinet space
and counter space is a great way

• Replace all the old windows
in your home with energy saving
windows. These windows are
designed to prevent hot and cold
air from escaping your home. The
insulation decreases your home’s
energy usage resulting in you
saving money and adding value
• If you have digital assistant
in your home, you know how
helpful having a robot to give
you kitchen recipes can be. Take
it a step further by installing a
programmable thermostat and
Siri or Alexa can help you control
and program your thermostat to
a schedule.
You can program the house
to be a different temperature
when no one is home, saving you
money on your light bill.