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Having a home office
use to be just a nice
amenity to have in
your home, but after
COVID-19, everything
changed. A home
office became vital if
you worked from home
during the pandemic.
If you are selling your
home or looking to buy
a home with an office,
there are few things
you should consider.

Real Estate Tips and Advice

Home Offices

You want to make sure the
location of your office in your
home is away from the noise and
You are going to spend the
vast majority of your time in the
office during long work days.
Consider if you are able to work
through distractions or if you
need absolute quiet to do your
work. Also consider if you will be
bringing clients into your home

A home office should be a
quiet space for you to get your
work done. That being said it’s
important to decorate your home
office the way you want and in a
way you can be productive.

Today’s interior design markets
towards natural light and creating
a green space. Consider a room
with a view such as a big window
where you can put your desk or
If you are building a home
office, make sure you create the
space to be as productive as
possible. With the advancement
of technology in today’s work
world, you want to install plenty
of outlets and appliances for you
and potential buyers later down
the road to plug in appliances.

Location, Location

A home office is not only a
place to escape the noises and
craziness of your family, but it’s
also a place for you to run your

an office with a view

Builders Emphasizing Home Offices


The pandemic has changed how people work and buyers are interested in homes with private home offices. Learn more
about how this trend from experts at at

office or if you will be doing a lot
of Zoom meetings with clients or

consider an
home office

Some find it hard to escape the
noises and distractions working
from home can bring, but do
not have the money or time to

escape to a rentable space in
town. The next best thing to
consider is the purchase of a shed
or building an away-from-home
home office. This home office
can be a space on the other side
of your backyard. The space
doesn’t have to be huge but make
sure it accommodates the work
you do. If you are a writer or

someone that just needs a laptop
and desk space or someone that
may need a big bigger space for
photography, then consider what
you do and make your home
office work for you.
The space can become a selling
point for buyers and something
you can market later in life if you
consider selling your home.

Give yourseLf
some space

Whether you’re building or
renovating a room to become a
home office, you should consider
spacing and how much you’ll
need to work comfortably.
Before tearing into the space,
consider creating a 3D floor plan
to give yourself a good idea of
what you will have room in your
home for. Creating a 3D plan can
help you create a list of amenities
you want in your home office and
can help you cover all your bases.
There are a number of websites
online that can help you create a
floor plan for your office.