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Home Is Where the Art Is
Young artists shine.

The future is bright. A Fall Youth Concerto Competition winner, Bolz Young Artist Competition participants, and
winners of The Final Forte, shared performances and stories about music and their lives from their homes with us this summer.

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Experience two new “Young Artist Series” videos, plus a story by Greg Zelek, Principal Organist and Elaine and Nicholas Mischler
Curator of the Overture Concert Organ, that are part of our “Home Is Where the Art Is” collection.
More stories will debut in the coming weeks.

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Sophia Jiang — Piano
A new story in the “Young Artist Series”
features Sophia Jiang, winner of the
2017 Madison Symphony Orchestra Fall
Youth Concerto Competition. Sophia
performs Beethoven’s Bagatelle in C major,
op. 33, no. 5.

The global pandemic has resulted the cancellation of Madison
Symphony Orchestra concerts as we have known them.
We recognize that the 91 members of the orchestra are a core
cultural asset of the greater Madison community. Our Board of
Directors established a Musicians’ Relief Fund — committing
$184,000 to guarantee the orchestra’s compensation for the
canceled September and October 2020 subscription concerts.
We are seeking your support to help us raise another
$171,000 to assure the orchestra’s compensation for the
canceled November and December subscription concerts,
by November 5, 2020.

Following her performance, Sophia shares
her feelings about playing piano and violin,
and how she was inspired to learn piano from
listening to her older sister Jessica practicing.
She shares her desire for preserving the legacy
of classical music, and memories of how
incredibly breathtaking it was to perform
with the Madison Symphony Orchestra —
enjoying every single moment. She expresses
how music brings people together, and more.

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Musicians’ Relief Fund! Our artists appreciate the support
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Musicians of the Madison Symphony express their gratitude
“The generosity of the Symphony has left me at a loss for words
and moved me to tears. I truly can’t properly convey my gratitude
for all that the MSO administration and staff have done to make
this frightening and difficult time a little easier for the musicians.
The actual income is *greatly* appreciated and will be incredibly
helpful to many; but, the demonstration that the MSO is an
organization that takes care of each other is worth even more.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your efforts on
our behalf.”
“This actually made me cry, last night when we got the good
news, and just now re-reading it, to make sure I wasn’t dreaming!
THANK YOU, to you and all the MSO management and board
who continue to support MSO musicians during these strange
and challenging times!”
“As someone who makes a living totally from teaching and playing,
this has been an incredibly difficult time. I lost half of my students,
because they do not want to study online, and of course, all gigs
were cancelled. I am truly grateful to you for making this possible.
You have no idea how much this will help not only financially,
but mentally as well. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!”
“I am very grateful that our organization values the health of
its musicians and patrons yet also understands the financial
difficulty imposed on musicians by being unable to work due
to the pandemic. The MSO is a gem of an organization,
and if you haven’t heard it enough lately, please let me reiterate
my gratitude.”

Jessica & Sophia Jiang

Greg Zelek — Organ

We recently shared Pianist Jessica Jiang’s story, and this week we
are excited to present a duet she and her younger sister Sophia
played togehter — one of Dvořák’s four-handed Slavonic Dances.
Following the performace, they engaged in a conversation about
what it’s like to be close, have similar feelings about music, and
moving as one. They go on to share thoughts about how important
music is, and how it connects people and cultures everywhere in
the world. Discover more about what kind of music they listen
to beyond classical works and how a variety of music is a part of
their life — from pop, to the structure of remixes, and more.

Greg Zelek is the Madison Symphony Orchestra’s Principal Organist
and the Elaine and Nicholas Mischler Curator of the Overture
Concert Organ. He shared a short performance Bach’s “Gigue”
Fugue from home this summer played on an instrument designed
for practice, built by Bruce Case. Greg describes how the this organ
is perfect for “note learning” and “touch” when preparing for a
performance. Our conversation with Greg spans a wide range of topics
— from MSO’s Mighty Klais organ — to his passion for music and
being here in Madison sharing this instrument and his gifts. This is a
perfect tune up you can experience before his streamed peformance
that premieres this week — Tuesday, October 13, at 7:30 p.m.