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Winter Staging

e sure to always show off
your home’s best features
— even in the “off-season”.


Clear the Path

Getting to your front
door should not be a quest
in and of itself. Sweep or
shovel your driveway and
all walkways that lead to the
front door and around your
Not only is this a safety
issue, but clearing the path
allows potential buyers to
notice the chevron brick
walkway or flagstone path.
This is an important time
to keep up with your yard
work — especially if there
is no snow on the ground.

Leaves should be raked up
regularly, and landscaping
should be pruned to avoid
looking scraggly, as if it
hibernated for the winter.

think ‘Cheery
and Bright’

Cold and dreary weather
doesn’t make it easy for your
home to put its best “face”
forward. Take extra care
in the presentation of your
front entryway.
Brighten it up with a
colorful wreath or a swag
of fresh greenery. Consider
giving your front door a

fresh coat of paint and add
planted seasonal bushes
— such as holly — on
your front porch or stoop.
Consider greenery on the
mantel for a cozy touch.

Make it

A chilly house can be
uncomfortable. Turn your
thermostat up before a
showing. Arrange an extra
coat rack near your front
entrance so potential buyers
can take their coats off and
view your home in a more

relaxed and comfortable
Bonus tip: A warm house
invites lingering in colder
months — giving them more
time to fall in love with the

de-Personalize —
to an extent

Ever wonder why “show
homes” sell new builds so
well? It is because building
companies have mastered
the balance between enough
furniture and decor so that
a space looks lived in and

cozy, but zero clutter and
Removing personal photos
and replacing them with
inexpensive, general artwork
is a great first step. Removing
all clutter (like those stacks
of paperwork you’ve been
meaning to get to or the piles
of toys littered throughout
the house) is a must.
Staging your home
is a great way to both
show potential buyers all
your home can be and
depersonalize it a bit so that
they can better imagine
themselves in the space.


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