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Thursday, April 25 • 11:00 A.M.
B.J.’s Barbecue

Located from Thorp, WI: 4 miles East on Hwy 29 (No Parking
on Hwy 29 – Parking in yard is available)
54 Head of High Grade Dairy Cattle
14 Holstein cows, 2 Red & White cows, 9 Jersey cows, 6 Jersey
x Holstein cross cows, 1 Blue Roan cow, 2 Holstein springing
heifers (due May & June), 1 Jersey bred heifer (due Aug.),
2 Jersey short bred heifers, 1 Jersey open heifer (14 mo.),
4 Holstein open heifers (13-15 mo.), 5 Jersey heifers (4-7 mo.),
4 Holstein heifers (8-10 mo.), 2 crossbred heifers (9 & 10 mo.),
1 Blue Roan heifer (8 mo.)
This is a very good herd of dairy cattle that have been well
bred for production. Bulk tank receipts show a 62 lb. per cow
average w/4.5% B.F. and an SCC in the 80-120,000 range.
This herd is not pushed hard for production w/no TMR feeding
but will offer recently fresh cows milking 80-100 lbs. per day.
Several nice uddered 1st & 2nd lactation cows will be sold. This
is a 100% closed, A-I sired herd as well. The heifers are well
grown, accustomed to loose housing & should make excellent
herd replacements. All pertinent production SCC & breeding
info will be posted on sale day. If you are looking for very good
replacement cows or heifers, be sure to attend this sale.
Machinery: Ford TW-5 Series II FWD diesel tractor w/cab,
6,228 hrs., dual pto, 4 hyd. remotes & 18.4x38 rears; NH 499
12’ hydro-swing haybine, JD 3940 chopper w/5’ hay head &
hyd. controls; NH 60 540 pto blower, NH B37P bale wrapper,
Claas Liner 380 rotary hay rake; IH 56 blower, Cardinal 38’ hay
& grain elevator; 14’ flat hay rack w/wg., 16’ flat hay rack w/
wg., Kvernland 4x16 semi-mount plow, JD 115 15’ wheel disk,
JD AW 12’ wheel disk, NH 165 manure spreader w/poly floor
& hyd. end gate, Killbros 350 gravity box w/ext. & 10 tn. gear,
Hoover skid steer mount bale clam,
Special & Misc.: Calf Tel Super hutch, 10 Agri-plastic poly
calf hutches w/rear doors & attachable front doors (larger
size, exc. cond.); Val Metal 10 h.p. elec. hammer mill, 3 grain
aerators, newer slip pipe, poly drinking cup guards, Murray 19
h.p. 46” cut riding lawn mower, MTD 5 h.p. front tine roto-tiller,
Bou-Matic 5 h.p. vacuum pump, set of 15.5x38 tires & rims, set
68”x16” steel rear wheels, set 53”x15” steel front wheels, 55
gal. barrel of synthetic blend 15W-40 oil, Mach SM33 semen
tank, breeding kits, breeding wheel, small refrigerator, Patriot
PMX 1500 fencer, RJB qtr. milker, 60 lb. poly calibration bucket,
misc. barn & dairy supplies, Loyal 20 & 11 bu. poly feed carts,
2 wooden fence line grain feeders, wooden straw cart, fencing
misc. Gandy applicator, some misc. tools, 5 bags Rye grass
& Fesque seed, 1 bag Italian rye grass, 3 bags premium hay
blend seed, bag of clover mix seed
Feed: 50 alf. bales of wrapped balage, 45 wrapped bales of
balage (peas & triticle) & (clover & grass),8 lg. square bales of
bean bedding, 17 wrapped bales of Sorghum x Sudan grass,
7 wrapped bales of grass balage, 200 bu. of roasted soybeans

Daniel & Ella Marie Martin – Owners
W7925 State Hwy 29, Withee, WI

Terms: All purchases must be settled for on sale day, cash or
check. If credit is desired, contact Christensen Sales Corp.
prior to sale day.

Christensen sales Corp.,
Abbotsford, WI – Clerk & Sales Managers
(715) 223-6345 Registered Wisconsin Auction Co. #33
Tim Schindler, Curtiss, WI – Auctioneer (715) 223-4014
Registered Wisconsin Auctioneer #191


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