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Herd Dispersal at Yoap’s Blue Ribbon Farm
11232 Ledge Lane, Coleman, WI
Located 5 1/2 miles West of Coleman or 1/2 mile East of Klondike on County B
to Ledge Lane, then 1 mile North. (Turn by the Big Cow)

Friday, May 31st *12 Noon
70 Holstein Cows & Springing Heifers

Ronnie & June
of Lena, WI

& Blue tag Parlor Cows
Milking up to 100#

Reason for Sale: Retiring. This
Homebred Herd reflects over 35
Years of Dairy herd management and
has a Lot of Fancy Cows! Most all of
these cows are in 1st & 2nd lactations. A bunch of the Cows are Just
Fresh in the last 60 days and are in their Peak of production, another nice group are
Springing Cows due to freshen in the next 60 days. Also selling 10 Heifers that are bred 6
months up to Springers.
These cattle are current on their shots and are on a Herd Health Program with Dair-Ray
Vet Service of Lena. The Components are High with an Avg. over 4.0% butterfat, 3.2%
protein and a Low SCC. There is NO TMR & NO BST used on this farm. The cattle are fed
Home-grown Feeds and hold a Bulk Tank Avg between 60 & 65# milk per cow.
This Sale includes 30 hand-picked young Holstein milk cows with Blue Eartags. They are
high producing, fancy-uddered and will walk right into your Operation and start making
money for you. These are the kind of cows that make Milking Fun! All vaccinations are
current & the cows have individual Official DHI test results with a lot of milk weights from
85 to over 100# daily.
You will like these cattle. They have good size, type and will start adding to your herd
immediately. You can look them over at Yoap’s Blue Ribbon Farm on Thursday Afternoon
or on Sale Morning. See You There!
Terms of Sale: Cash or Check w/ Letter of Credit. RWAC #480 Cols. Henry & Len Yoap,
RWA 338 & 339 11149 Ledge Lane, Coleman, WI 54112

YOAP & YOAP Auction & Real Estate

(920) 604-1704


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