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f you have spent time in the
professional world, it’s likely
have built a network of

Use your Network

peers and managers.

Did you know that up to
80 percent of jobs are not
published? According to
experts at Career Horizons,
most of these spots are filled
by recommendations from
others in the field to place the
perfect candidates.
When finding it difficult to
gain traction after applying
to online listings or in person,
it may be time to take a new
approach. Make a list of your
previous work relationships
and reach out to contacts to
discover potential job leads.
If you plan to enter a new
field, there also are great
situations to take advantage
of when building a new
networking web.

Meeting new Peers

Building a network isn’t
difficult but requires plenty of
work on your end to execute
efficiently. Take advantage
of professional social media
outlets such as LinkedIn to
display your career goals
and accomplishments while
connecting with like-minded
You also should be aware of
conventions or job fairs in
your area. Consider different
ways to market your brand
and explain your openness
to new opportunities during
conversations. A good way to

make a lasting impression is by
creating a memorable business

• 51 percent of top organization are referred to a position.
leaders find new hires from
reconnecting with
current employee referrals;

Facts on the hidden
Job Market

• The expected period for job
retention of networkers is
eight years — only four for job
searchers; and

To understand the importance
of networking, check out these
statistics from the Association
for Talent Developers regarding • The average annual income is
6 percent higher for those who
the hidden job market.

agenda to land a job.

Instead, send a short email or
request to connect on social
It may feel awkward to reach
media outlets to catch up.
out to a peer you have lost
Once you feel comfortable with
contact with to ask for a referral bringing up your agenda, do it
or recommendation letter.
in a way that benefits each of
To lessen the stress of this
you. For example, ask what you
situation for both parties, don’t can do for them — not what
begin the conversation with an they can do for you.

ForMer Peers


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