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December 2019

The Holiday Tradition of Bird Feeding
Dear Friend of Nature,
The Holiday Season is such a
special time of the year - a time to gather
together, to reflect and share the joys of life
with those that are closest to us, and a
time to honor those special people with
a very special gift.
Each year we are touched by the
many customers who visit our store
because they want to share their
passion for nature and birds with their
family and friends. You know that the
gift of nature is a present that continues
to bring joy to the recipients long after
the luster of other gifts has faded.
One Scandinavian Christmas
tradition is centered on feeding the
birds. Many Nordic families offer
food to the birds, traditionally a sheaf
of grain placed on a pole, fence or rooftop.
Those who do not have access to cereal
stalks can substitute a plate of grain, bread or
seeds. This bird food offering is placed
outside on Christmas Eve or Christmas
morning as a way to include the birds in the
feasting that is taking place inside the
home. When you visit our store this
month, make sure you pick

up your complimentary pouch of seed to
sprinkle on your doorstep.
To help with your Holiday shopping, we
have many beautiful gifts and new products
that make it easy to share your love of birds

feeders in all shapes,
sizes and colors, pole
systems to put them on and heated
bird baths to keep our feathered friends
clean and vibrant throughout the year.
And, of course, we have fresh
bird seed, including Choice Plus
Blend, our Christmas Blend this
year. Continuing offers include our
buy three get one free of Seed
Cylinders and of course, Gift Cards .
Stop by our store this month and
share a bit of the holiday season with
us. We have lots of products that
make great gifts and some stuff we
brought in just for a little while.
All of us at Wild Birds Unlimited
wish you a Joyful, Safe and Happy
Holiday Season.

and nature. We also have a wide selection of
pre-made edible seed ornaments, wreaths
and suet for decorating a pole in your yard.
Once you place the edible ornaments outside,
they will soon be filled by nature’s living
ornaments…the birds themselves.
We also have the old standbys that you’ve
come to expect from Wild Birds Unlimited –
seed wreaths and cylinders for easy feeding,

Happy Birding!
Bob and Jan Ross
& All of Us at

Wild Birds Unlimited
Your Backyard Birdfeeding

We Bring People & Nature Together, and We Do It With Excellence. ®

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or sale items. Expires 1/15/20.

Copyright December 2019

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We Bring People &
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