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These individuals have active
Sauk County Warrants.
Warrants valid as of June 5, 2019
Franklin, Joshua E

Mallory, Duane T

Kamien, Grant A

26 Years Old
6’2”/202 lbs

31 Years Old
6’4”/245 lbs

23 Years Old
6’0”/165 lbs

Failure to Appear
Battery to Law
Enforcement; Possess
Narcotic Drugs (2 counts);
Resist; Felony Bail Jumping

Failure to Appear
Possess with Intent to
Deliver THC; Possess THC;
Possess Paraphernalia

Bail Jumping

Ricca, Anthony M

Funmaker, Kennesha R

Rich, Hana K

37 Years Old
6’0”/160 lbs

23 Years Old
5’2”/220 lbs

Failure to Appear
Uttering a Forgery
(2 counts)
Unauthorized Use of
Entity’s ID or Document

Failure to Appear
Possess Meth
Possess Paraphernalia

Labansky, Quentin D

Dimas, Leshia L

26 Years Old
5’3”/110 lbs
Failure to Appear; Identity
Theft (3 counts); Fraud
Use of Credit Card
(3 counts); Bail Jumping
(2 counts); Possess
Drug Paraphernalia
Mead, Scott H

21 Years Old
5’6”/160 lbs

46 Years Old
5’7”/190 lbs

52 Years Old
6’2”/280 lbs

Obstruct; Criminal
Trespass (2 counts);
Theft (2 counts); Felony
Bail Jumping (6 counts);

Identity Theft (2 counts);
Credit Card Fraud
(2 counts);
Opening Letters

Failure to Appear

Citizens should not attempt to apprehend these individuals themselves.

Shaker, Stacey L
35 Years Old
5’6”/170 lbs
Failure to Appear
Intent to Abuse Hazardous




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