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Public Notice
Army seeks public input on the former
Badger Army Ammunition Plant (AAP)
Groundwater Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study (RI/FS)
The Army, in consultation with the Wisconsin Department of Natural
Resources (WDNR) invites the public to provide their comments on the
Groundwater RI/FS for the former Badger AAP.
Groundwater investigation activities at the former Badger AAP
began in 1980. Site-wide groundwater investigations identified four
groundwater plumes:
• Propellant Burning Ground (PBG) Plume,
• Central Plume,
• Deterrent Burning Ground (DBG) Plume, and
• Nitrocellulose Production Area (NC Area) Plume.
Groundwater is contaminated by chlorinated solvents and explosives.
Soil remedial actions addressed the source areas to the maximum extent
possible. The Army has received site closure from the WDNR on all soil
related investigations and remedial actions. Two previous RI/FS have
addressed groundwater but none resulted in a proposed plan or decision
document, or moved to the remedial design stage of the Comprehensive
Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA).
This RI/FS provides the results of the Army’s investigation to determine
the nature (types) and extent (vertical and horizontal boundaries) of
contamination and the study of remedial alternatives to address the
contamination that exceeds risk-based criteria for each individual plume.
In the remedial investigation or RI, the Army characterizes the site and
identifies the contaminants, explaining what has happened over time.
In the feasibility study or FS, the Army presents the different remedial
alternatives it has identified to address any unacceptable risk to human
health. The Army evaluates these alternatives using EPA’s nine criteria in
accordance with CERCLA.
To review a copy of the RI/FS, please visit
php/baap or the former Badger AAP information repositories, which are
physically located at:
Sauk City Public Library
Ruth Culver Community Library
515 Water Street
540 Water Street
Sauk City, Wisconsin 53583
Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin 53578
NOV. 13 TO JAN. 17, 2020
The Army invites public comment on the Groundwater RI/FS for the
former Badger AAP. Before finalizing the RI/FS and publishing the
Proposed Plan, the Army will consider all oral and written comments
received during this public comment period. We ask that comment letters
be postmarked by Jan. 17, 2020 to be considered. Please submit your
comments to:
U.S. Army Environmental Command
ATTN: West ESSD/Lynch
2455 Reynolds Road Mailstop 112
JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78232-7588
In addition, the Army will hold a public meeting on December 5,
as part of the Restoration Advisory Board meeting, to discuss and
respond to questions about the Groundwater RI/FS. Please see for more information
Pub: SPE: November 14,21, 2019
#3778293 WNAXLP