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Thursday, May 2 • 10:30 a.m.

COMPLETE HERD DISPERSAL #1: 44 Holstein tiestall cows AI breeding, 65 lb average 113 SCC. A nice herd with
many young cows!
COMPLETE HERD DISPERSAL #2: 40 Holstein tiestall cows. 30 cows fresh since January balance due in May and
June. Cows are out everyday top Bulls used, a good set of cows!
HERD DISPERSAL # 3: 35 registered Holstein cows, 6 reg Jersey cows, 5 reg Holstein hfrs, bred 2-5 months. Herd
is averaging 68 lbs, 110 scc. Many fall freshening cows but also several just fresh cows milking heavy including
a very nice 3 year old red and white and two of the fanciest fresh Jersey heifers you could ever wish for!! One of
the nicest, cleanest herds I’ve seen in awhile! For more information or to transfer registration papers contact Jared
Tessmer @ 763-443-2043.
OTHER EARLY CONSIGNMENTS: Another load of Cashton cows, good young fresh cows and Heifers. Always some
of the better kind!! 14 open Holstein heifers 600-900 pounds, 20 Holstein Springers including several very fancy!!
32 open Holstein heifers 400-750 lb; 41 hfrs including: 27 hol hfrs, 11 Jersey hfrs, 3 Jersey cross hfrs 500-700
lbs, fully vac. 19 hol hfrs, babies to short bred.
PENDING: Complete Dispersal 20 registered Jersey tiestall cows averaging 50 lb, 200 scc EXPECTING 500 HEAD!
SPECIAL ITEMS: 18XT Semen tank with 10 units Wagyu semen. Good condition.


Special Dairy Sale Thurs., May 9 • 10:30 a.m.

COMPLETE HERD DISPERSAL: 145 registered Holstein dairy cattle. 55 cows, 90 hfrs. Top genetics! 22,600 RHA
Thee absolute fanciest set of heifers!! Check our website for more info


Dairy & Hay sale EVERY Thursday starting with hay @ 10:30 followed by calves then DAIRY COWS & HEIFERS. Feeder
cattle, cull cows, cull bulls & fat cattle immediately after dairy sale. We will have special feeder cattle sales as announced.


Well the ‘06 Impala officially left me set last week. The odometer shows 333,406 so I guess we got a fair amount of use out of it. I officially don’t
like vehicle shopping. Always sure I’m going to get beat out of good, hard earned money. You can read my one recent vehicle shopping experience
on my website. Sold 3 herd dispersals this week on a stronger market. Many excellent quality cows! Top cows $1,800, $1,600 Sam Hershberger,
Cashton. $1,700 consignment, Loyal. $1,600, $1,500 Jersey Matt Bunkelman, Medford. $1,550 Jonathan Weaver, Greenwood. $1,550 Wesley
Shirk, Colby. $1,550 Harry Keim, Willard. $1,550 Joe Miller, Genoa. $1,500 Phineas Borntrager, Cashton. $1,500 Aaron Miller, Cashton. $1,500
Eddie Yoder, Granton. Still many good cows $800-1,400. Cull cows mostly $42-58 with several over $60. Choice Holstein steers $82-90, top $.92
Herman Miller Jr, Spencer. Hol bull calves mostly $75-125/HD. Hay was extremely high this week with a top of $195 per bale on 3x3x7 grass. Most
rounds & squares $85-145/bale.

Sale Location: W1461 State Hwy 98, Loyal, WI 54446

From Spencer, WI take Hwy 98 west 5 miles. From Loyal, 5 miles east on 98

SALE CONDUCTED BY: Oberholtzer Dairy Cattle & Auction Co.
Auctioneer: Mark Oberholtzer, WI license #2882-052
John Oberholtzer 715-216-1897 • Mark Oberholtzer 715-773-2240
John Ivan Oberholtzer 715-219-2781 • Office 715-255-9600


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