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sandwiches, wraps and salads
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-Monthly Specials
& Sunday
all you can eat
Broasted Chicken
all you can eat
no side choice

friday - fish fry
flaky Cod filets

ThurSday & SaTurday - Prime rib Sunday - Brunch
Twelve ounce regular cut
Sixteen ounce king cut

3 Piece
5 Piece


German feST Buffet
Last Sun. of every month
Serving 4pm - 9pm

Dinner Entrees

All dinners include: the salad bar, our homemade white or onion rye bread, and choice of side.
Baked potato, hash brown, French fries, garlic mashed potatoes, German potato salad, long grain and wild rice, spaetzle, onion rings, or a vegetable

Bavarian Specialties

Kassler Rippchen
Two succulent smoked pork chops served on a
bed of fresh sauerkraut
*Choice of side not included
Pork loin coated in a seasoned flour and pan
fried. Served in a white wine sour cream sauce
with mushrooms and onions
Two hand breaded chicken breasts topped
with thin slices of ham and melted Monterey
Jack cheese , served with a side of spaetzle
and sweet-and-sour red cabbage. Served with
honey mustard sauce.
*Choice of side not included
A German tradition! Prime braised pickled beef
served on a bed of spaetzle with a savory gravy.
*Choice of side not included
Bavarian Feast
An old Bavarian favorite of Polish sausage, a
frankfurter, and a knackwurst served on a bed
of tangy sauerkraut.
Served with Düsseldorf brown mustard
*Choice of side not included
Tender cut of veal coated in bread crumbs and
browned in oil. Prepared in the old Bavarian tradition
Veal Louise
A tender cut of breaded veal topped with a
brown gravy and sprinkled with pieces of shrimp


Herb’s Special
An eight ounce top sirloin steak topped with
a MOUNTAIN of Feil’s famous onion rings or
sautéed mushrooms
Filet Mignon
A ten ounce USDA Choice tenderloin steak
selected for its flavor and tenderness prepared
to your order and served with au jus

Rib-Eye Steak
Hand cut twelve ounce USDA Choice Premium
Black Angus. A succulent, tender favorite
Steak and Stuffed Shrimp Combo
A five ounce top sirloin steak paired with three
shrimp, stuffed with crab meat and three types
of cheeses
Tenderloin Tips with Mushrooms
Grilled-to-order beef tenderloin tips with
mushrooms in a beef gravy.
Served over a bed of homemade spaetzel.
*Choice of side not included
Surf and Turf
A six ounce South African rock lobster tail
paired with a ten ounce USDA Choice tenderloin
steak, grilled-to-order and served with lemon
and drawn butter


Lobster Supreme
Two six ounce South African rock lobster tails
served with lemon and drawn butter
One six ounce tail available
Poorman’s Lobster
A twelve ounce piece of Haddock seasoned
and baked, seasoned and baked, served with
drawn butter
Pecan Crusted Apricot Salmon
An eight ounce salmon fillet, baked with an
apricot glaze and crushed pecans.
Grilled Salmon
A char-grilled eight ounce Norwegian salmon
fillet, served with a side of tarragon sauce
Bay Scallops
Battered and fried to a golden brown, baked to
perfection, or seasoned with a Parmesan and
herb crust baked.

Stuffed Shrimp Dinner
Deep fried shrimp, stuffed with crab meat and
three cheeses
Buttermilk Biscuit Battered Shrimp
Shrimp coated in buttermilk biscuit batter and
panko crumbs then fried to a crisp golden brown
Walleye Pike Dinner
Two six ounce walleye fillets fried golden brown
or baked to perfection. A fresh water favorite
that’s sure to please.
Blackened Catfish
One twelve ounce catfish fillet dredged in Cajun
spices and pan fried. Get ready to spice things
up a bit
Cod Fillet Dinner
Tender, flaky Cod fillets deep-fried to a golden
brown, blackened, or baked.
Served with drawn butter.


Grilled Stuffed Portobello Mushroom
A juicy grilled portobello mushroom cap stuffed
with a robust mixture of baby spinach, feta
cheese, garlic, oregano, and grated parmesan
Soup and Salad Bar á Ia Carte
Our fifteen foot salad bar is second-to-none.
The soup changes daily and is made fresh
by our chef. Enjoy the wide variety salads,
vegetables, spreads, and crackers


BBQ Baby Back Ribs
These specially cut, extra meaty ribs are
smoked in house over broken Whiskey Barrels
for that authentic flavor and tenderness, then
glazed with our sweet and tangy
barbeque sauce
Full rack Half rack

Ribs and Chicken
A half rack of tender, extra meaty ribs paired
with two pieces of broasted chicken
Grilled Boneless Pork Chops
Two six ounce boneless pork chops grilled to
perfection and served with cranberry glaze
“America’s Cut” Grilled Pork
A ten-ounce pork tenderloin seared in garlic
and olive oil, then finished on the grill. A pork
lover’s dream


Chicken Cordon Bleu
A roulade of chicken breast wrapped around
smoked ham and Monterey jack cheese topped
with a creamy white cheese sauce and served
on a bed of long grain and wild rice
*Choice of side not included
Smothered Chicken Breast
Two five ounce grilled marinated chicken
breasts topped with Monterey jack cheese and
smothered with sautéed mushrooms, peppers
and onions
Broasted Chicken Dinner
Four pieces of chicken, broasted crisp and
golden brown
Chicken Tender Dinner
White meat tenders fried golden brown and
served with ranch dressing, a honey mustard
sauce, or any of our dipping sauces
Teriyaki Grilled Chicken Breast
Two five-ounce grilled marinated breasts
grilled and served alongside long grain
and wild rice or your choice of side.

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