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Real Estate Tips and Advice

A Good Time to Buy or Sell

If you dive into some of
the most robust reports
in the real estate industry,
you’ll find that now is a
very favorable time to sell
your home.

The latest consumer
findings from a National
Association of Realtors
survey revealed that 46%
of people considered the
middle of 2019 an optimal
time to sell a home, up
from prior surveys. The
boost can be attributed
to the slowdown of
appreciation and a solid
An increased number of
Americans also think that
now is a good time to
buy a home, and of those
respondents, 38% answered
that they strongly believe
that notion, and 27% said
they moderately believe
the present is a good time
to buy, according to the

prices cost about 8.4% less
in the first two months of
the year than they do in
July and August, according
to the NAR.

Consider Interest Rates


communities over the next

Consumer Attitudes

six months, while 49%

Respondents to the
2019 NAR survey were
also asked to share
their thoughts on
future home prices in
their neighborhoods.
Forty-three percent said
they believe prices will
remain the same in their

said they expect to see
a price increase in their
communities over the next
six months.
Among those surveyed
who do not own a home,
27% said they believe it
would be very difficult to
qualify for a mortgage

due to their financial
state. Thirty percent said
it would be somewhat
difficult to qualify.
How to Find the Right
Knowing the right time to
buy a house is a key factor
in finding the perfect fit
for you and your family.
Data shows that U.S. home

In the past few years,
the Federal Reserve has
sustained a policy of
raising interest rates to
keep inflation low and
the economy stable. In
early 2019, 30-year fixed
mortgage interest rates rose
to between 4.5 and 5%,
depending on the lending
institution. Interest rates
were much lower in 2017,
when home buyers could
secure a 30-year fixed-rate
mortgage for less than 4%.
This change may seem
slight, but every interest
percentage point can make
a big difference on total
interest paid over the life
of your mortgage.


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