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Booming U.S. Job Markets

s your current career not
what you had in mind, or are
you preparing to enter higher
education but unsure what types
of jobs are out there for you? You
should know about some of the
fastest growing careers in the
United States.

Hereare a few of the markets in
the country that are expected to
experience huge growth in the
years to come, as reported by the
United States Bureau of Labor
Statistics. These growing fields
may just take you to places you
have never considered.

Software Developer
Forecasted Growth by 2026: 37
Median Annual Wage: $103,620
This position is unique because,
while college degrees in software
development are obtainable,
many in the industry are self
taught. The field is on pace to
grow because technology is
constantly evolving.
Some experts in the industry
create applications that allow
people to perform tasks on a
computer, while others develop
the underlying systems that
operate and control networks.

Solar photovoltaic
Forecasted Growth by 2026: 104.9
Median Annual Wage: $342,680
The Solar Energy Industries
Association estimates over 242,000

Americans are currently working in
solar occupations. With installation
costs dropping over 70 percent
in the last decade, it’s no surprise
the industry is expecting huge
growth. The need for installers will
continue to surge as the country
demands more solar dependency.
This position typically requires
workers to install systems on roofs
or other structures based on site

assessment and schematics.

phySician aSSiStantS
Growth by 2026: 37.3 percent
Median Annual Wage: $108,610
Constant growth in the demand for
healthcare services will continue
to increase as the population ages.

The occupation typically requires a
master’s degree from an accredited
education program to receive a
license. Since physician assistants
can provide much of the same care
as physicians, the field will thrive as
PAs can be trained more quickly.

Genetic counSelor
Forecasted Growth by 2026: 29

Median Annual Wage: $80,370
Genetic counselors have
specialized education in both
genetics and counseling to
personalize treatment and care
to specific patients. The growth
in the industry is due to scientists
continuing to broaden the
relationship between human
genetics and rare inherited
disorders and cancers.


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