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Male , 3 years old Weighs 64 pounds
Available for adoption at Dane County
Humane Society, at the main shelter
(5132 Voges Road) For more information,
please visit
Lou is all heart, but his shyness and uncertainty gets
in his way. Once he warms up to you, you will find a
real sweetheart with a goofy and fun personality. Lou
is a special dog who needs a special person who will
understand his shyness and who will have the patience
to allow his personality to bloom. Lou doesn’t ask for too
much. He loves feeling the wind in his ears while he is
running! He loves toys, especially the ones that squeak!
When he is happy, he has a happy, bouncy dance! He
enjoys being in the company of his human friends. Come meet Lou and find a dog who will steal
your heart.
Lou is a member of our Lonely Hearts Club. He is having a longer time finding a new home, and as a
member, his adoption fee has been reduced.


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