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Overused Words in the Job Search

re you effective, driven
or creative? Turns
out, you’re not alone.
According to a recent
LinkedIn list, those three
descriptors fall within
2013’s most overused
words and phrases in
members’ profiles. Here is
the full list:
• Responsible.
• Strategic.
• Creative.
• Effective.
• Patient.
• Expert.
• Organizational.
• Driven.
• Innovative.
• Analytical.
Word Games
What’s so wrong about being
an innovative expert, you may
ask? Nothing. But here’s hoping
that you’re not banking on those
descriptors to land your next gig.
The point of your resume is to
stand out from your competition,
not blend in.
Recruiters are looking for unique
thinkers and tangible examples of
how your strongest attributes have
catalyzed major impacts within
your past employers.

If you label yourself as innovative,
then a hiring manager will look
for proof backing this up. Include
examples supporting your claims
within your job descriptions or
key achievements to help sell your
story to the reader.
One way to really convey your
value is to have others do it

for you. Endorsements or
recommendations on LinkedIn
can help your profile shine. They
can also give recruiters an honest
assessment of your key skills
because it’s not you delivering
your pitch anymore. The words
of support are coming from your
colleague or manager, lending

credibility to the feedback.
For the more traditional
approach, a strong letter of
recommendation accommodating
a paper or emailed resume also
can go a long way. And coworkers, managers or former
professional acquaintances are
usually willing to offer their

help in finding you a new job by
penning a positive letter or praise
and support.
the extras
Another way to set yourself
apart – besides an infusion of
trendy, powerful keywords – is
a personal online portfolio. For

LinkedIn users, this can mean
taking advantage of integrating
videos and presentations into their
profiles, or providing a link to a
live website.
Recruiters love this type of extra
information because it can give
a more complete picture of
prospective candidates.


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