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Brand new nh FR550 SpFh, 4WD,
900/60R32 Front Tires, 60/65R28 Rear
Tires, Lateral Float, Double Drive, LED
Light Package, Leather Seat, Yield and
Moisture package nicely OptiOned chOpper,
deals yOu can’t refuse

2013 new holland FR9060 SpFh, 4WD,
processor, auto climate control, auto
pilot, lateral tilt, double drive, HID lights,
applicator, spout camera, Intelliview
IV monitor, the absolute nicest
fr9060 around!! $229,500

2015 new holland FR850 SpFh, 4WD,
processor, auto climate control, yield and
moisture sensor pack, HID stadium lights,
deluxe air seat, lateral tilt, HD wear liners,
NH 750BFI 10 row corn head and NH
FP380 hay head whOle
pacKaGe $325,000 wOw that’s a
lOt Of chOpper fOr little MOney

new holland Fx40 FoRaGe haRVeSTeR, rear
wheel assist, cab, heat, air, instructor’s
seat, AM/FM radio, heated electric mirrors,
kernel processor, 800/65R32 front tires,
48O/65R24 rear tires, metalalert lllget your corn chopped on your
schedule and under budget

new holland Fp230 FoRaGe haRVeSTeR,
kernel processor, hydraulic pole swing,
light package, 13/8” 1000 PTO, 141-161
implement tires  $21,950

new holland Fp24o FoRaGe haRVeSTeR wiTh
pRoCeSSoR, metal, tanciem axles, 11L-15
(4) tires, 13/8” 1000 PTO, chute rotation
and deflector, light package  s16,995


Just in and lOaded with technOlOGy, Brand new new holland
CR7.90, PRWD, Abrasive wear package, yield and moisture
sensors, New Holland lntellisense Combine Automation,
Electric Fold Hopper, Electric Spout Deflector, Luxury Cab,
call the cOMBine experts tOday.

2008 John deeRe 9570 STS BulleT RoToR ComBine, 4 wheel
drive, cab with heat and air, instructor seat, Green Star ready,
tip-up manual bin extensions, chopper, FORE & AFT, single
point head hook up, 305 x 32 front tires,48O/70R30 rear tires

John deeRe 9510 ComBine, cab with heat and air, AM/FM radio,
two wheel drive, Green star monitor, rock trap, bin extenders,
chopper spreaders, 305 - front tires, 149-24 tires$39,950

CaSe ih 1660 ComBine, 2 wheel drive, cab, heat, air, instructor
seat, Case AFS yield and moisture: t’ v monitor, rock trap,
spreader, 305-32 front tires, 149-24 rear tires$13,995

late MOdel and clean 2013 new holland CR8090 ComBine,
luxury cab, lntelliview lV monitor, guidance, heated electric
mirrors, yield and moisture sensor, HID stadium lights,
New Holland 372 receiver, lntellisteer, remote adjustable
sieve, variable speed heeder house, chopper, bin extention
6/20/70R42 front dual tires, 281-26 rear tires  s149,500

GeRRinhoFF Rd1200 FB ComBine ChoppinG head, roto
disc elite XL,12 row,30” folding head, horizon head
sight, LED light package, poly snouts  $69,950

excellent John deeRe 893 ComBine CoRn head, 8
row 30” spacing, double drive, light package, knife
rolls, hydraulic deck plates  $9,950

Just plain nice CaSe ih 2206 ComBine CoRn head,
6 row, 30” knife rolls, hydraulic deck plates, light
package, single left hand drive  $12,900

new hollaRRd 74C ComBine Flex head, 25’ width
FORE/AFT, dual drive, light package, finger auger,
single point hook ups $12,500

GeRRinGhoFF Rd 800B CoRn head, 8 row, 30”
chopping head, CNH flagship hookups, light kit,
stalk stompers, insight controls, recently rebuilt

GeRRinGhoFF Rd600 RoTo diSC, combine shredder
head, 6 row narrow, single drive, light package

John deeRe 635F Flex head, 35’ width, single drive,
FORE/AFT, light package  $9,950

John deeRe 643 ComBine CoRn head, 6 row, 30 inch
rows  $3,750

Very nice Bean head John deeRe 925F Flex head,
25’ width, Crary wind system, poly dividers, light
kit, full finger, PTO Drive $15,900

carts and boXes

BRenT 674 GRain CaRT, 13/8” 1000 PTO, roll tarp, 16” corner
auger with spout, light package, 245-32 diamond tread tires

BRenT 744 GRaViTy Box, left hand unload, roll tarp, light
package, work lights, Brent running gear with four brakes, used
425/65R225 truck tires, fenders, extendable tongue, rear hitch
and light plug$15,450

eZ TRail 51o GRain CaRT, 1000 PRM PTO, roll tarp, hydraulic
sprout, hydraulic auger door, 12 ply diamond tread 184-26
tires, rear light kit, auger clean out at door liKe new $10,950

eZ-TRail 3400 GRaViTy Box mounTed on a meyeR 1500 RunninG
GeaR, with 165L-161 implement tires$6,495

J&m 540 Sd GRaViTy Box, left hand unload, metal
top extension, tail lights, work light, used - J&Ml
running gear with axle brakes, 425/65R225 used
truck tires, rear hitch and electrical plug  $8,995

John deeRe 1210a GRain CaRT, 13/8” 1000 PTO,
front auger, 2000-20 26 ply aircraft tires, brakes
and running lights $3,495

meyeR 4218 FoRaGe Box wiTh FRonT and ReaR
unload, no roof, top screen extension, gate delay,
front PTO, rear hydraulic unload, poly floor, light
package; used-Meyer X1604 running gear with
165L-161 implement tires  $12,900

h&S 7+4 FoRaGe Box, 3 beater, roof, auger unload,
mount on a Minnesota 12-ton tandem axle running
gear with 125 X 16 tires  $4,500

h&S hd 7+4 ChoppeR Box, 18’ long, front and rear
unload, PTO front drive, hydraulic rear drive, used Kory 6278 tandem running gear with 125-15 tires

h&S BB18, 18’ rear unload chopper box, hydraulic
rear unload, light package, H&S 415 running
gear, 30,000# with 165L-161 implement tires

meyeR 4618 FRonT unload FoRaGe Box, conveyor
extension, 540 PTO, Meyer 1500 running gear with
14L-161 tires $8,495

meyeR 4616 FoRaGe Box, 540 PTO drive, TSS drive,
Hl/LO left-hand drop-down conveyor extension,
rear lights, Used - Meyer 1250 running gear with
14L-161 tires $5,995

aG BaG 6010 SilaGe BaGGeR, 10’ tunnel, hydraulic
loading conveyor, hydraulic rewind 250’cable, 1
3/8” 1000 PTO, 12-165 tires $14,900

aG BaG 6170 SilaGe BaGGeR, 1 -3/8 540 RPM drive, selfcontained hydraulics, hydraulic drive split conveyor, hydraulic
conveyor height control, air brakes for cable tension, hydraulic
cable rewind, light kit, bag cradle to crane, 9’ tunnel, 250’ cable,
transport kit $34,500

clearance row
new holland TR89 ComBine, cab, with heat and air,
radio, air ride seat, New Holland yield and moisture,
sensor with New Holland display, head sight header
height control module, 4 speed hydro transmission
with rear wheel drive, variable speed feeder house,
fore/AFT control, feeder house tilt, corn, beans and
wheat sieves, 15’ unloading auger, chaff spreader,
rear chopper, bin extensions, 305L-32 front tires,
169-26 rear tires $26,790

Gehl RT175 CompaCT TRaCk loadeR, cab,
heat, 2 speed transmission, auxiliary
hydraulics, 12” tracks, hand controls,
68” low profile bucket with bolt on
cutting edge, manual quick attach

milleR pRo 5300 front and rear
unload forage box mounted on
Miller Pro tandem axle trailer with
445/50R225 tires, 20’ long box
with 3 beaters, hydraulic drive,
light package $21,250

John deeRe 722 Soil FiniSheR, 28’
width, front spring mounted disc
gangs, SAR C tines with 9” bolt
on shovels, 5 bar spring tooth
finisher, walking tandems, base
and wings with 95L-15 tires,
cylinders and hoses  $3,400

h&S 7+4 hd FoRaGe Box, 16’
long, right hand unload, 540 PTO
drive, mounted on a H&S 10 ton
gear, 125L-15 and 1000-15 tires

loewen V1022w2 TmR mixeR,
1022 cubic feet, scale with scale
head, big 1000 PTO, front and rear
unloading door, siftable apron (left
& right), 235/70R225 tandem

this week’s ConstruCtion equipment speCials
new arrivals!

more Great Deals!

wheel loaDers For snow season!

double drive, finger auger

CaSe ih 4300 Field CulTiVaToR,
22” working width, spring
auto reset shanks with 8”
bolt on shovels, 3 bar spring
tooth finisher, tandem base
and wings with 760-15 tires,
cylinder and hoses$7,250


jUst add fUel!

pay only $24.00* per hoUr!

payment covers everything bUt fUel!
monthly lease payment covers all
maintenance and warranty!
2005 John Deere 160C LC Excavator, Cab w/heat &
A/C, 275” wide pads, very good U/C, 42” pin-on bucket
w/teeth, 30” wide 4 finger hyd thumb, aux hydraulics,
pattern changer, radio, 109 HP, 35,610 lbs, $55,000

more Great Deals!

2012 Kobelco SK140SR-LC Acera Excavator, Cab w/
heat & A/C, 235” pads, excellent U/C, 2 speed travel, aux
hydraulics, 36” pin-on bucket w/5 teeth, 9’-4” stick, 928
HP, 31,000lbs $79,500

Wacker Neuson LTN6 Portable Light Tower, Kohler
Diesel engine w/electric start, (4) 1000W Halogen lights,
single axle trailer mounted 120 Volt generator with (2) plug-in
receptacles $3,750

2012 Skytrak/JLG 6036 Telehandler, Open ROPS w/
canopy, 4 speed, 6,000lb lift capacity, 36’ lift height, 48” forks,
aux hydraulics, Firestone 370/7528 foam filled tires, 85 HP
diesel, 21,300lbs $34,995

Mosinee, Wi

2006 Rosco 4850 RB-48 Self Propelled Sweeper, Cab
w/heat & A/C, 7’-10” wide broom, 2 speed hydro transmission
(12/22mph), 85 HP Cat 4 cyl diesel engine, 150 gallon water
tank, 5,540lbs,1,242 hours, $17,995

1986 Case 455C Crawler Loader w/ 260 Backhoe, Open
ROPS w/canopy, 14” pads, 68” front loader bucket, 24” rear
digging bucket, 60” long bucket forks, 4 speed, 2 lever steer,
good U/C, 63 HP, work lights,Special! $15,995

1993 John Deere 624G Wheel Loader, Cab with heat &
A/C, 205R25 radial tires, JRB 416 Q/A with 30 cu yd pin-on
bucket, 2 lever loader control, front and rear work lights and
wipers, 145 HP, 35,357lbs$39,500

2000 John Deere 624H Wheel Loader w/10’ Snow
Wing, Cab w/heat, 3rd valve, JRB 416 series hyd quick
coupler, 4-in-1 front bucket approx 3yd, 205-25 L3 bias
tires, ride control, radio, beacon, 4 speed, 160 HP, $69,995

Contact Jim Barry @ 715-551-7893, Mark Wisinski @ 715-281-9824
or Brent Krautkramer 715-551-9446
on any of these items and also call if you are looking to sell any of your used construction equipment!

doosan dx180lc-5 excavator
fully equipped with cab air and heat, 10'2" arm, 31.5"
pads one + two way hydraulics, 42" bucket, straight
travel, side + rear view camera, extra work light
pkg, lower wiper, rotating beacon, water sep. with
heater, block heater and much more!!!
Contact Jim Barry @ 715-551-7893, Mark Wisinski @ 715-281-9824
or Brent Krautkramer 715-551-9446
* to qualified credit. 36 month/3000 hour lease. includes full coverage
36 month/4000 hour extended warranty and sei full maintenance
package. see dealer for details.

Mosinee, Wi


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