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Sauk County
Art Association
Ever wonder who’s behind the ArtJune Art Faire? Here’s part of the story:
Members Challenge Show
Held in the dead of winter, this gives our membership the opportunity to make a
new piece of work. Participants may stay within their field, or explore another
field. Regardless of the choice, they are asked to interpret a theme. For 2019, the
theme is “Take me to the River.”
This photo is from 2018, “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” Artist Dorothy
Fitzgerald had a “mishap” when firing a pot. It melted. Into a rather interesting
shape. With a beautiful glaze on it.

Encore!!Art Show
In conjunction with Earth Day, participant are challenged to make a new piece of work from repurposed, reused, reclaimed, upcycled, non-toxic material.
This photo is from 2018. Artist Roberta Condon created “Rust Bucket.” With a rusty piece of
pipe (complete with teeth on one end), Roberta used her basket making skills to turn found pine
needles into a beautiful basket.

High School Art Department
Each year, SCAA gives two grants to two
high school art departments. At the beginning of the 2017-8 school year, the two
grants when to Weston High School and
Sauk Prairie High School.

Learn more about SCAA by checking out their
website at

AND their Facebook Page at

Returning Art Student Scholarships at UWBaraboo/Sauk County
Scholarships are usually given to first year college students. SCAA
believes that returning students should also be given the opportunity. We created a small scholarship for returning art students at
UW-Baraboo/Sauk County. This year, our scholarships go to
Alyssa Hellesen and Jarikka Douglas. To win a scholarship, students must submit a portfolio of their work and prepare a and
artist’s statement. Congratulations to these two young artists!

9AM - 4 PM
June 15, 2019
Join us as we celebrate our 54
55 th summer art fair.

On the Courthouse Square in Downtown Baraboo


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