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May 19-26, 2019

Horicon EMS

Courtesy photo by Dodge County Pionier

The Horicon Emergency Medical Services Team
Pictured from left are Bob Schmidt, Scott Giesen, Shantrel Tinsley, Jean Guenterberg, Jim Bandsma, Kim Kampi, Chris Bierenrbaum,
Carole Baker, Dustin Woock, Jodie Laabs and Ryan Justman.

Mayville EMS

Starting from the left standing: Al Davies, Angela Perez, Maria Vossekuil, Curt Knoll, Scott Dutzle, Don Wellnitz, Jennifer Thoreson,
Christine Churchill, Kay Wrege, Dr. Christopher George, Kathryn Belling, Justin Belling, Natalie Malicoat, Mike Wrege, Harland Bender,
Mike Thoreson, Tim Boerst
Front: Kathy Matuszewski, Barb Weyer, Mary Breitkreutz, Devin Sellnow, Pam Tinsley, Julie Staffin, Cole Bradley, Matt Pea
Missing: Andrea Bleecker, Lynda Breitkreutz, Lucas Haltaufderheide, Kassie Knoll, Seth Lane, Deyvis Perez-Laguna, Jessica Petri,
Jenny Ritterbusch, David Trevarthen, Katie Van Ruiswijk, Randy Wenzel

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