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Stepping up
the fight against
underage vaping.
Underage vaping is a serious problem.
At JUUL Labs, we are taking action to combat it.
In November 2018, we:
Expanded our advocacy for raising the legal
age of purchase for our products to 21+.
Exited the retail market for our
non-tobacco, non-menthol-based flavors.
Enhanced age verification
on our website.
And shut down our Facebook
and Instagram accounts.

Today we are:
Deploying a retail ageverification system stricter
than alcohol or cigarettes.
Expanding programs to
track sources of JUUL Devices
confiscated from minors.
Instituting a 3-Strikesand-You’re-Out policy for
non-compliant retailers.

Reducing underage vaping won’t happen overnight. But we are committed to doing our part
both because it’s the right thing to do and because it is essential to achieving our true goal of
providing the world’s one billion smokers an alternative to cigarettes.

For more information about the steps JUUL Labs is taking to address
underage use, visit

For adult smokers only.
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