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What our patients are saying?
The following three testimonials are from Madison area patients who we were
able to treat successfully in our clinic using our decompression protocol.

Irene was 7/10 VAS (severe pain) when she
started treatment.
After suffering for years with degenerative disc disease, I saw an AD on TV for MSNC, so I called
for an appointment. What a difference that call made in the quality of my life. After the first couple
of visits I had movement in my lower back with much less pain. As the treatments progressed, the
pain decreased and life became pleasurable again. Before MSNC I had been given injections,
pain medications, physical therapy and told I was not a candidate for surgery because of weight.
I was caught in a vicious cycle of pain, weight gain, no energy, and a feeling of hopelessness. The
treatments are so relaxing and the staff is very helpful and caring, answering every question with
patience and understanding. I would highly recommend MSNC to anyone with spine and or nerve
pain. The experience has been fantastic!

- Irene S-C.

Janesville, WI

Clarence was 4-5/10 (with Sciatica) when he
started treatment.

I had sciatica in my left hip, felt relief after a couple of treatments. No pain left at all.
I decided to have treatment after I saw the pain relief my wife was having with her treatments. I
have been telling friends and family about the treatments.

- Clarence C.

Janesville, WI

Erich rated his pain 6/10 when he started
As you know, I selected MSNC from an
I’d like to leave a note of thanks for your past service.
internet list because I thought it expressed my best interests in alleviating my particular pain. I
considered all options available to me and chose MSNC even though it was a one hour commute
for therapy. In the past, I visited my family doctor and was prescribed two powerful prescription
drugs which I tried and could not tolerate.......swelling and frequent arrhythmia.......and did nothing
for the pain. So I went to MSNC. After reviewing an old MRI, Doctor Sekanick suggested a protocol
to help relieve the pain from my lower back to my heels and I followed that protocol, which included
laser and spinal decompression. Midway through therapy, they noticed a slight recurrence in
my neuropathy pain and suggested that my pain might be caused by plantar fasciitis. They were
correct and I’m happy to report that 50% of that pain is in the past now that I know what I have.
Doctor Sekanick diagnosed my lower back pain could be due to bulging discs; I advised him that
I also had bone on bone arthritis in my hips which a surgeon said could only be helped with a
hip replacement..... long story short.....your spinal decompression “rack” killed 90% of the pain.
Prior to treatment, I took 2 arthritis strength acetaminophen before I left the house for anything.
Today, I am happy to say I need no OTC medication to perform normal activities. I can’t thank you
enough......thanks for caring about your patients. I will recommend MSNC highly. I am actually
looking forward to my “every 4-6 week” adjustments.

- Erich S.

Watertown, WI