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Madison Area Crime Stoppers would
like to remind you to lock cars, homes,
garages, and to not leave vehicles
unattended while running.
On January 11th an unlocked SUV,
with a garage door opener inside, was
parked in the driveway of a Manchester
Road home Saturday morning. The
door from the attached garage into the
house was also unlocked.
When family members awoke, the SUV
was gone as were several wallets that
had been inside the home. The father
quickly canceled credit cards after
learning the burglars had already been
using them to make, or attempt to
make, purchases. The stolen SUV was
located Saturday night in a Brittany
Place parking lot.
Last month, 56 vehicles were reported stolen. Of that number, 54 had keys in them, or had
keys easily accessible to criminals. 29 of the 56 vehicles stolen were unlocked and running
at the time they were taken.
In December, Madison Police arrested 13 juveniles, two 17-year-olds, and three adults on
tentative auto theft related charges.
If you have any information this Manchester Road burglary or the location of other stolen
vehicles, please contact Madison Area Crime Stoppers at 266-6014, or, on the web, at
Individuals contacting Crime Stoppers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a
cash reward.

Since its creation in 1983, Madison Area Crime Stoppers has:
• Solved 3,547 cases and tips have lead to the arrest of 2,292 people.
• Received 29,047 tips.
• Recovered $5,819,862 in narcotics and $1,823,429 in property.