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“Udders are softer... and milkout is more complete.”
— Alan Kozak

Alan and Sharon Kozak, 429 Reg. Jerseys #4 GJPI in U.S.
58 lbs/cow/day 5.3F 3.8P, 135,000 SCC
“I like Udder Comfort,™ especially for fresh heifers. Getting colostrum into the
calves and Udder Comfort onto the udders are post-calving priorities here,”
says Alan Kozak. He and Sharon operate Clover Patch Dairy, Millersburg, Ohio, Quality Udders Make Quality Milk
milking 429 registered Jerseys. Their herd is No. 4 in the U.S. Genomic Jersey
To locate a dealer, call 1.888.773.7153
Performance Index (GJPI). They produce just under 60 lbs of 5.3F 3.8P 135,000 Visit our new website at
SCC milk in a grass-based system. (
“We use Udder Comfort because this is the product that works. It softens udders
and removes edema fast. It reduces swelling and congestion in fresh animals
better than anything else we’ve tried, getting udders in great shape, fast.
It’s also part of our routine for any clinical mastitis.
“But our main use is at freshening. We spray fresh udders consistently after milking
for the first 3 to 4 days. Udders are softer, milkers stay on better, and milkout is
more complete. Quality udders and quality milk, that’s what I like to see.”

For external application to the udder only, after milking, as an
essential component of udder management. Always wash and
dry teats thoroughly before milking.


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