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Happy 90th Birthday
Herb Jones!
Herb & his family are excited to celebrate his 90th birthday.
Herb was born July 13th, 1929 at Endeavor, Wisconsin. He
was married to his lovely wife, Ardyth for 62 years and has
three children Rich (Diane), Sheri (Lon) and Karen (Dan).
Herb has seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
We had a surprise birthday party on May 4th and were we
surprised and overwhelmed with all the family and friends
that attended. Boy was Herb surprised!! Herb celebrated his
birthday by attending his Endeavor Class Reunion.
Dad this wish is filled with 90 hugs and kisses on your
special day. Wishing you the most wonderful day.
Happy 90th birthday.
With all our love,
Your Family


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