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Profit much more

Relieve weather stress, lower SCC, improve
quality milk production & preg. rate
This world-famous herd has enjoyed the Immu-Pro advantage for nearly 20 years. Their
success shows. RHA 94 cows 3x 44,493 3.78 1683 3.09 1370 with 111.7% BAA (the
highest combination known for milk and type). Home to two world record cows with
72,170 and 77,480. Also, Tom & Gin were awarded Holstein USA Elite Breeder 2018.
“It’s in our TMR every morning.” Follow the leaders, get Immu-Pro.
SCC 80-110
Ever-Green-View LLC, the Kestell Families, Waldo, WI
Your success is our commitment
No dairy cattle? We can help your livestock also.

AG Inc.

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