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Relieve heat stress, lower SCC, improve
quality milk production & preg.rate
“In summer, it is often 90°F and up and humid here. Our 300 cow conventional herd was
around 300 SCC and that got us penalties. We tried everything -- teat dips, udder lotions
and sprays, vaccines and other feed additives. Finally, we saw the ads and good results
and we called some of these dairymen and got on Immu-Pro and some of their other
products. We are very satisfied. SCC dropped much, less mastitis, and good feed intake.
Our organic herd also dropped 40% on SCC. Immu-Pro and companion products work
faster than anything we have ever used.”
300 head conventional 100 head conventional
Greg Amos, Amos Bros., Santa Rosa, CA SCC 200-220 SCC 100-110

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