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Female, 3 years old Weighs 42 pounds
Available for adoption at Dane County
Humane Society, at the main shelter
(5132 Voges Road) For more information,
please visit
Do you like the quiet life? Are wild puppies
and boisterous dogs not for you? Consider
Violet! If Violet could, she would spend
most of the day lying by your feet in perfect
contentment. Ever so alert, loud and weird
noises are not her favorites.Violet also has
very good house manners.You will not
e slippers anytime
catch her chewing on your favorite
soon! Quiet as Violet is, never so much as making a peep, you may catch Violet,
however, outside tilting her head back to Woo! Woo! at the sky! And maybe while
running some crazy circles. She does love to run, and to go for nice walks taking in
the scents. Come meet Violet today!

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