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Focus on Orioles

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When you’re out with your binoculars searching the
trees for that elusive bird you’re hearing, you may
notice one of the most unique nests in the bird world.
Baltimore Orioles often nest high in the branches of
the American elm, but will build in other trees, especially maples and cottonwoods. The distinctive nest
usually hangs below a branch, but is sometimes anchored along a vertical tree trunk.
The female Baltimore Oriole weaves her remarkable,
sock-like nest, from slender fibers. Her 4-7 spotted
eggs will be safely hiding at the bottom of the nest
which is usually 3-4 inches deep and 2-3 inches wide
with a small opening at the top and a bulging bottom
3-4 inches across. They will hatch in 11-14 days.
Usually very active at orange and grape jelly feeders
when they arrive in late May, by mid June and July
they are busy catching protein packed insects for
themselves and their newly hatched chicks. Very
soon they will be back with their young looking for
energy food. Now would be a good time to provide
an assortment of protein foods like mealworms or
Bark Butter along with some grape jelly before they
take off on their journey south. As always, our Certified Birdfeeding Experts can help you decide which
foods and feeders to choose.
Happy Birding!
Bob and Jan Ross
From All of us at Wild Birds Unlimited
Copyright © 2019, Wild Birds Unlimited, Middleton, WI

Bird Cams

Many of our customers have asked about the bird cams displayed
on the TV screens in our store. Currently we have an Osprey cam
playing from Hog Island, Maine. Here is the link:
Osprey Cam:

Bringing Home Dinner
Here are a few other links you can try:
Osprey Montana:
Cornell Lab Feeder Watch:
West Texas Hummingbird Feeder:
Panama Fruit Eaters:

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