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S.D. Ellenbecker! Specializing in all type of concrete construction,
including a variety of dairy industry and agricultural structures

Cost effective... All-metal construction requires
fewer posts and columns. A standard all-metal
barn would contain four columns instead of six
found in most wood barns.
Durable, safer materials... Structures are far
less susceptible to fire since no wood is used in the
Innovative construction methods... construction process. Buildings are more resistant
Ellenbecker is one of the first to introduce to natural elements than wooden counterparts.
an all-metal frame method of agricultural
construction to the area.

The concrete experts...
• Barn additions • Barn remodeling projects
• Concrete cow yards • Dairy complexes and structures
• Free-stall and standard barns • Manure storage facilities
• Milking parlors • Water reservoirs

1222 Mount View Lane, Athens, WI 54411
Office: 715-257-7666 Web:
Cell: Tom - 715-581-6404 • Jim - 715-581-6433


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