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Job Hunting While Unemployed


here are
many reasons
why Americans
find themselves

Perhaps a company
downsized a position, shut
down or simply terminated
employment. Regardless
of the reason, job hunting
without a job presents sizable
Fill the Gaps
One of the biggest
challenges for unemployed
job hunters is the gap on their
resumes. There are ways to
strategically fill the gaps and
using your free time to make a
Here are some beneficial tips
from the UCLA Student and
Alumni Services.
If you lost your job: Be
professional and mature
about why you were
terminated. Negative words
about a previous employer
will almost always be a
deal breaker. Express your
gratitude for the opportunity
and what you learned from
the experience.
If you went back to school:
Take advantage by explaining
you took a break from your
career to focus on expanding
your educational goals.
If you took care of family:
Explain the general situation

without being too personal.
Perhaps, you had a new
child, or a family member
became ill. Showcase things
you learned while you were
being a caretaker and how it
benefits you professionally.

Join a Group
There are likely many
others in your community
who found themselves in the
same position. Network with
other job-hunters to discover
leads and offer support to one
another. To find like-minded

people, reach out on social
media, at events like career
fairs or at a public library.
Encouraging others to land
a position will also give you
Find a Job Fair
An opportunity to get

your qualifications in the
hands of many different
hiring managers is to attend
a local job fair. You get
the chance to explain your
unemployment in a face-toface setting without waiting
on a scheduled interview.


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