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Connie Suemnicht, Bank of Wisconsin Dells’ Vice
President and Commercial Lender, announced her
retirement for May 17th, 2019.
Connie joined Bank of Wisconsin Dells (BWD)
in March of 2011, with 42-years of prior banking
experience and a purpose to strengthen the bank’s
relationships in both the Reedsburg and Baraboo
markets. Coming from a corporate institution,
Connie was thrilled to return to community
banking and pass on all the benefits that follow to
her customers.
“We are so appreciative of Connie’s contributions
to the growth and success of our bank,” says bank
President, Jon Bernander. “Her incredible abilities
to bring the ideas of commercial customers to
fruition have literally ‘made dreams come true’ for
so many. We are truly going to miss Connie being
a part of our team; and yet wish her and husband,
Dale, the very best in their retirement years ahead.”
In reflecting on her time with the bank, Connie
had this to say:
“The last eight years with Bank of Wisconsin
Dells has been an incredible experience, mainly
because my customers were an important part of
my history here. My career goal has always been to
make a difference in whatever I do; a difference for
my customer and also my employer. It is my hope

that in our business relationship, each customer
has found that working with BWD has made
a difference in their life...Thank you all for the
confidence you have shown, the support you have
given me and for your continued relationship with


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