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12:00 P.M. NOON
N2454 Hwy. 55, Kaukauna, WI.
3 miles north of Kaukauna, WI.
100 Head Selling
60 Holsteins, 40 Jerseys,
Crossbreds & Lineback

Selling complete milking herd for Tom
Schoenherr from Columbus, WI. This is a good
herd of cows with fancy udders, good feet &
legs, AI sired and are free stall adapted. They
average 80 lbs. with 78 SCC. Herd was not
on test but sold over 25,000 lbs. per cow last
year. Lots of fresh cows in the last 45 days;
with some milking over 100 lbs. Some nice
young cows bred back & due in early summer
with some nice springers due in February and
some fancy springing heifers due by sale time.
A fancy 3 yr. old Lineback selling and milking
over 100 lbs. This is a young herd of cows; the
kind you will enjoy milking.
Selling 40 head of Jerseys, crossbreds and a
few linebacks; these are all springing with their
1st calf; bred from 7 months to calving with a
few fresh Jersey heifers. They are all from one
herd and all are vaccinated with nice udder
promise. There are more crossbreds than
Jerseys in the group. You will like them.
Farm Friends: This is a good herd of cows
with fancy udders; always under 100 SCC.
Last 3 months below 80 SCC; plus good
components: 4.1%F 3.1%pt.
Come and meet some nice people and take a
look. You will like what you see and be ready
to do business.
Visit our website at: Cow Palace
Owner: Tom Schoenherr – 920-382-1291

Many like this selling!
Sale conducted by: Ron Roskopf

Cow Palace North
Ph: 414-587-4402

Terms: Cash or good check. All sales settled for day of sale.
Any announcements sale day take precedence over all matter in print.
Auctioneer: Bill Stade: WI Registered Auctioneer #535