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Thursday, June 27 • 10:30 a.m.

HERD #1: Erl Herd, Medford. 81 Holstein dairy cattle including 49 cows
and 32 heifers. 40 Years of AI breeding with ABS and Select Sires, always
breeding top quality cattle with very high components! Herd average is 70 lb
of milk 4.4F, 3.4P, 180 SCC. Individuals well over 100 lbs!!
HERD #2: Gilster Farms, West Salem. 35 Holstein cows and 6 springing
heifers. Fully vaccinated & Tomorrow tubes used @ dry off. Herd average
65 lbs, 3.9F, 3.0P, 225 scc. Cows are out everyday, home grown feed and
not pushed for production. Many years Accelerated Genetics breeding. Good
type, large frame, tie stall cows!
EARLY CONSIGNMENTS: 25 Holstein steers, 500 lbs, vac 2x, Fancy!
20 Holstein steers, 350 lbs, vac 2x, on feed, 15 Holstein steers, 425 lbs, vac
2x, implanted. 11 Holstein steers, 650 lbs, green. EXPECTING 350 HEAD.


Dairy & Hay sale EVERY Thursday starting with hay @ 10:30 followed by calves then DAIRY COWS & HEIFERS. Feeder
cattle, cull cows, cull bulls & fat cattle immediately after dairy sale. We will have special feeder cattle sales as announced.

Took my, “new for me” car in for service. My regular mechanic said it seems in great condition & for once it looks
like I got a good deal on a vehicle! Bought it from Matthew 715-773-0050 at Pine Ridge Auto Sales in Thorp.
Be sure to tell him you read about it here! Definitely had a buyer’s market again on dairy cows this week. Lots
of decent cows $800-1,400. Extreme tops last 30 days ranged from $1,600-2,500. Keep getting more and more
good Holstein fats. 61% sold over $90/cwt this week! Top lots, $95.25 John Yoder, Spencer and Steven Martin,
Thorp. $95.00 Dorcas Raber, Spencer. Top dairy cross, $109 Herman Miller Jr. Spencer. We have an excellent fat
cattle and cull cow Market! Don’t forget, we have reasonable rate trucking available everywhere and lower total
selling costs than most!

Sale Location: W1461 State Hwy 98, Loyal, WI 54446
From Spencer, WI take Hwy 98 west 5 miles. From Loyal, 5 miles east on 98

SALE CONDUCTED BY: Oberholtzer Dairy Cattle & Auction Co.
Auctioneer: Mark Oberholtzer, WI license #2882-052
John Oberholtzer 715-216-1897 • Mark Oberholtzer 715-773-2240
John Ivan Oberholtzer 715-219-2781 • Office 715-255-9600


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