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“... absolutely helps our milk quality.”
— Rob and Gail Klinkner

Gail and Rob Klinkner with Rylan and Garrison at our booth during the 2018 World
Dairy Expo. Not pictured are children Reagan, Rubi and Ginger.

Quality Udders Make Quality Milk

Keep the milk in the system
1.888.773.7153 1.613.652.9086
Call to locate a
distributor near you.
For external application to the udder only, after milking, as an essential component
of udder management. Always wash and dry teats thoroughly before milking.

“We have used
Udder Comfort™
faithfully since picking
up samples many
years ago at World
Dairy Expo. We use it
on fresh cows and flare ups,” says Rob Klinkner.
Dairying goes back three generations, but he
and Gail started Klinkner Holsteins from the
ground up. They milk 50 Holsteins and Jerseys
near Viroqua, Wisconsin, with a combined RHA
of 25,876 pounds of high quality milk with SCC
averaging 153,000.
“Udder Comfort brings our cows back into
production much faster, and it absolutely helps
our milk quality,” Gail explains. “We apply it to
all fresh udders after each milking for the first
3 days after calving, some longer.
“Udder Comfort applies more easily and more
evenly, and we see more consistent results that are
absolutely different. We did not see results like this
with other products. Udder Comfort is the best.”

Rob and Gail Klinkner
50 registered Holsteins and Jerseys
RHA 25,876M 3.4F 3.0P, SCC 153,000


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