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Used lowen V1o22w2 TMr Mixer, 1022 cubic feet, scale
with scale head, big 1000 PTO, front and rear unloading door,
shiftable apron (left & right) $9,500

Used kuhn kniGhT VT156 VerTiCal Mixer, single axle with
425/65R225 used recapped truck tires, front chain conveyor,
front door, light package, Digistar EZ2500V scale and head, 1
3/8” PTO $29,500

Used kniGhT 3170 CoMMerCial reel FeeD Mixer, roughage
max package, left hand door with 24” hydraulic folding door,
Digistar 3410 scale with radio transmission to remote, extra
monitor, single axle $21,900

Used h&s 501 ForaGe box wiTh leFT hanD unloaD, 18’ length,
single axle running gear, 540 PTO, H&S 12 ton running gear
with 1251-15 tires$1,795

Used Meyer 4220 ForaGe box, hydraulic drive front
and rear unload, no roof, mesh top extension,
hydraulic gate delay, conveyor extension, Meyer
X17O4 gear with 425/65R225 used truck tires

Used MillerPro 5200 ChoPPer box, 18 ft; front &
rear unload; open top; 14” screen ext; variable
unload; mtd on Miller tandem running gear;
14Lx161 tires; rear lite $8,500

Used h&s bb18, 18’ rear unload chopper box,
hydraulic rear unload, light package, H&S 415
running gear, 30,000# with 165L-161 implement
tires  $11,900

Used new hollanD h8080 selF-ProPelleD
winDrower, deluxe air ride rear axle, 21L-28 (R4)
front tires, 14L-161 rear implement tires, New
Holland 2358 rotary diskheader with light kit, dual
rubber condition rolls $52,500

Used new iDea 5212 siDe Pull DisChine, rubber
conditioning rolls, hydraulic pole swing, light
package, 1 3/8” 1000 PTO $5,495

Used new iDea 5209 DisCbine, side pull with
hydraulic tongue swing, 540 PTO, rubber on
rubber conditioning rolls, manual header tilt

Used new hollanD h745o DisCbine, rubber
conditioning rolls, drawbar swivel hitch, 1 3/8”
1000 PTO we HAve 2 stArtiNg @ $18,500

Used new hollanD h7230 siDe Pull DisCbine,
rubber roll conditioning, hydraulic header tilt, light
package, 1 3/8” PTO $15,900

Used new hollanD h732o DisCbine, drawbar hitch,
flair conditioning, hydraulic tongue swing, 540
PTO, light package $13,500

Used new hollanD 1411 DisCbine, rubber
conditioning, drawbar hitch, 540 PTO, hydraulic
header tilt  $15,900

Used new hollanD FP24o ForaGe harVesTer wiTh
ProCessor, metal; tandem axles; 11L-15 (4) tires;
1 3/8” 1000 PTO $16,900

Used new hollanD FP230 ForaGe harVesTer,
kernnel processor, hydraulic pole swing, light
package, 1 3/8” 1000 PTO $21,900

Used John Deere 467 rounD baler, with net and
twine, mega wide pickup, 4x6 bale, John Deere
monitor, 540 PTO $7,950

Used John Deere 435 rounD baler, twine only, 540
PTO, dolly wheels on pickup, Bale Trac monitor

Used Massey FerGuson 6616 Diesel TraCTor, 150 engine
hp; 120 PTO HP; DYNA VT trans; suspended cab with
heat, air, radio, instructors seat; LED lighting; 4 rear hyd
remotes; 3 point with top link; 540/1000 rpm rear PTO;
500 KG rear wheel weights; front fenders $79,500

Used new hollanD T6030 TraCTor, 4x4, cab with heat and air,AM/FM
radio, Delta cab, visibility roof, instructor seat, 16x16 transmission
with left hand reverser, semi power shift, 3 sets of rear weights on
each side, 3 sets of remotes, 540/1000 PTO, 3 point with toplink,
used - New Holland 840TL loader with 92” material bucket with bolt
on manure tines and 4 tine grapple $57,500

Used new hollanD TM165 TraCTor, four wheel drive,
cab, heat, air, AM/FM radio, 2 cab doors, rear wiper,
power shift transmission, suspension cab, front fenders,
149R 28 front tires, 184R38 rear tires, hub mounted
duals, 3 sets of remotes, 540/1000 PTO, 3 point, toplink, fender controls $54,500

Used ForD Tw25 series ii TraCTor, four wheel drive, cab
with heat and air, AM/FM radio, dual power, 420/85R2S
front tires, front fenders, 208R38 rear tires with clamp
on duals, 3 point and top link, 1 3/8” 1000 PTO in it,
540 capable, 3 sets of rear remotes, 16 front underbelly

Used John Deere 4555 TraCTor, 4x4, cab with heat
and air, 15 speed power shift transmission, Right
hand console, forward/reverse, 16 front weights, front
fenders, 380/85R30 front tires, 480/80R42 rear tires,
hub mounted duals, 3 sets of remotes $49,500

Used Massey FerGuson 1085 TraCTor, open station,
2-wheel drive, 6 forward and 2 reverse plus multi
power, differential lock, 95L-15 front tires, 184-34 rear
tires, powershift rims, 540 PTO, 3 point with top-link, 2
sets of remotes$8,950

Used ihC 966 TraCTor, 2 wheel drive, open station,
2 remotes, torque amplifier, dual 540/1000 PTO, 3
point, 4 speed transmission with HI/LO,1000-16
front tires, 208-34 rear tires, bar axle  $12,900

Used new hollanD T6030 TraCTor, 2 wheel drive,
cab with heat and air, dual power, left hand
reverser, 7 front weights, 3 point, dual remotes,
540/1000 PTO, 1100x16 front tires, 460/85R38
rear tires $39,995

Used new hollanD Fx 40 ForaGe harVesTer, rear
wheel assist, cab, heat, air, instructor’s seat,
AM/FM radio, heated electric mirrors, kernel
processor, 800/65R32 front tires, 480/65R24 rear
tires, mertalalert lll $56,500

New hsC 2000 seeD CarT, 2 box capacity, 8 HP
Honda engine, wireless remote kit, End of year
special $9,250

New new hollanD 195 box sPreaDer, D667x
double chain; hydraulic end-gate; splash
guard; upper beater; 165x161 float tires
CALL For A speCiAL priCe

New new hollanD Pr 3114 roTary rake, 9”8” raking width;
6’7” transport width; hyd lift; single rotor with 11 raking
arms; 4 double tooth tines per arm; deflector curtain; 540
RPM PTO drive; walking beam tandem axles; road light
kit,tine saver clips Only one left at this price! CALL

New new hollanD 450 roll-belT rounD baler, silage
version, 4x5 bale size, net and twine, 540 RPM PTO,
31x135-15 8 PR tires, 18M pickup, 15x600 caster
wheels, manual hydraulic pick lift, windgauard roller, ISO
control with monitor Not to late to take advantage of these
savings! CALL

new hollanD h7230 DisCbine, with rubber
on rubber rolls, 540 PTO, drawbar hitch
$18,700. Like New!

New MensCh M700-06, manure scraper
with a universal skid steer mounts, 6’ to 8’
stArtiNg @ $1,695

CALL For HUge rebAtes!

clearance row

John Deere 635 MoCo
DisCbine, hydraulic tongue
swing, 540 PTO, rubber roll
conditioning, light package,
11L-15 tires $11,775

Used Gehl rT175 CoMPaCT TraCk
loaDer, cab, heat, 2 speed
transmission, auxiliary hydraulics, 12”
tracks, hand controls, 68” low profile
bucket with bolt on cutting edge,
manual quick attach  $26,775

New new hollanD l218 T4b skiD
sTeer, 2 speed E-H controls,
enclosed cab with heat and air,
air ride suspension seat, lap bar,
steel hoods and covers, hydraulic
coupler, block heater$18,625

FarMall 400 Gas TraCTor,
wide front, torque works
540 PTO, 2 sets hydraulic
remotes (1 rear & 1 mid
remotes), 600-16 front tires,
155-38 rear tires $2,625

new hollanD 330r biG square baler,
roto cutter and stuffer, auto steer
tandem axle, full auto Harvestec
applicator with crop eyes, control
monitor lV color, hydraulic fold bale
ramp, extra working lights, 50050/17 tires, roller wind guard, auto
greaser, 1 3/8” 1000 PTO, $52,825

Used DerCo Power box,
540 PTO drive, metal
extensions, left hand unload, Used whiTe 2-135 series 3
Eztrail 1384, 13 ton gear TraCTor, 4 wheel drive, cab,
 $2,275 heat  $20,375

this week’s ConstruCtion equipment speCials
around the lot speCials!

BoBCat’s for all
your tough joBs!

Used John Deere 722 soil
Finisher, 28’ width, front
spring mounted disc gangs

Used h&s 7+4 hD ForaGe
box, 16’ long, right hand
Unload $3,870


jUST add fUel!

onlY $16.07 per hoUr!!!!!!!
covers everything bur fuel! monthly
lease payment covers all maintenance
and warranty!

sToP in or Call ToDay!
late model BaCkhoe deals!

Your ChoiCe! 2015 Jrohn Deere 310SK Loader Backhoes,
Cab with heat & A/C 4WD, pilot controls, extenda-hoe, 16”
bucket, air ride seat, keyless start, ride control, pattern
charger, radio, tilt steering, 96 HP, 15,194 lbs$53,995 ea.

2006 Case 221E Compact Wheel Loader, Cab w/heat &
A/C, hydrostatic transmission w/hi & lo, aux hydraulics,
SSL universal quick attach, 365/80R20 radial tires, 10 cu
yd bucket, 60 HP, 11,947 lbs $32,495

1992 Michigan L30 Wheel Loader, Cab w/heat, 4 speed, aux
hydraulics, Volvo style hyd quick coupler w/ 10 cu yd Q/A
bucket and pallet forks, 2 lever control, work lights, beacon,
155x25 bias tires, John Deere diesel, 10,494 lbs $17,000

Mosinee, Wi

1999 Snorkel TB-60D2 Boom Lift, 60’ platform height
and 50’ reach, 4x4, 15-195 foam filled tires, 3’x8’ work
basket rated @500 lbs, 58 HP Deutz diesel, power to
platform, 21,720 lbs $15,750

2010 Volvo SD100D Compactor, 84” smooth
drum, cab w/heat & A/C, 231-26 tires, hydrostatic
transmission, Cummins diesel $67,995

Wacker Neuson LTN6 Portable Light Tower,
Kohler Diesel engine w/electric start, (4) 1000W
Halogen lights, single axle trailer mounted 120 Volt
generator with (2) plug-in receptacles $3,750

2001 John Deere 700H LGP Dozer, Cab w/heat &
A/C, 30” pads, very good U/C, 131” six way blade,
rear hitch, radio, hydrostatic drive, air ride seat, 115
HP, 27,900 lbs$43,995

Contact Jim Barry @ 715-551-7893, Mark Wisinski @ 715-281-9824
or Brent Krautkramer 715-551-9446
on any of these items and also call if you are looking to sell any of your used construction equipment!

doosan dl220-5 highlift wheel loader, cab air heat, ride
control, 3 yard bucket, jrb hyd quick coupler, hyd locking
front diff, rear camera and much more!
*to qualified credit. 36 month/4,5000 lease. includes full coverage 36
month extended warranty and sei full maintenance package

Contact Jim Barry @ 715-551-7893,
Mark Wisinski @ 715-281-9824 or Brent Krautkramer 715-551-9446

*see dealer for details

Mosinee, Wi


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