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As the temperature rises, feed intake starts
to drop and performance can suffer.
Bio-Vet is offering a summer promotion on top
products to support cows and calves during hot


Direct Fed Microbials to aid digestion, appetite,
feed intake and immune function
ü Generator™ ELITE
ü Generator™ ULTRA Concentrate
ü Generator™ ULTRA Farm Pack
ü ProP169® Farm Pack
ü Generator™ ProSacc™

this summer with
Generator™ DFMs and
Bovine GoldLyte®

Electrolyte Products to aid and maintain
hydration and electrolyte balance
ü Bovine GoldLyte®
ü Calf GoldLyte®

May 15 to July 31

Nutritional Supplements to aid cattle during
nutritional challenges, such as when moldy feed
is consumed
ü KuroFX™
Organic Products for use in organic production
ü ‘O’ Generator™ ELITE
ü ‘O’ Bovine GoldLyte®
ü ‘O’ Calf GoldLyte®

Call 1-800-246-8381 for
more information.

Innova+on at Work™

Every cow. Every calving.
Even when times are tough, you work hard to take care of every cow.
QuadriCal® takes care of your post-calving calcium needs, and then some.




Calcium Boluses


4 calcium sources
Vitamin D + niacin
Uncoated for faster absorption
Two sizes fit all breeds
Research proven

Research published in the Journal of Dairy Science has shown that one feeding of QuadriCal® holds health and economic benefits for every
cow. A return on investment of $44 per cow was calculated based on statistically significant data from a study of over 3,000 cows in New York.
The return was due to both increased milk production in certain groups, and reduced incidence of DA, metritis (in low calcium cows) and RP
in certain groups1.
1. Leno, B.M. et al. JDS 101: 3285-3302.
Barneveld, WI USA

Innovation at Work


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