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We are seeing an increase in burglaries,
theft from autos, and vehicle thefts all
around Dane County.
The burglary trends include:
• Items taken from open garages while people
are working in the yard or inside the house
• Homes being entered through an unlocked
door while residents are home or away
• Home video cameras show suspects checking
common locations in which extra keys are
placed like top of door frames, under rocks or
• Entry into underground parking facilities to
target cars or storage units The theft from auto
trends include:
• Unlocked vehicles being rifled through and
items taken
• Locked vehicles having car windows smashed out to take items of value that are in plain view
The vehicle theft trends include:
• Vehicles are stolen when keys are left inside the car
• When entry is made to the home, the burglars take keys and steal the car
Consider locking up to prevent these crimes of opportunity and look out for your neighbors.
And remember, if you see activity that seem suspicious, report your observations to
Madison Area Crime Stoppers at 266-6014 or call 911.

Since its creation in 1983, Madison Area Crime Stoppers has:
• Solved 3,547 cases and tips have lead to the arrest of 2,292 people.
• Received 29,047 tips.
• Recovered $5,819,862 in narcotics and $1,823,429 in property.


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