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Make your Home an Office

odern technology has
paved the way for people
to run a business from their
living rooms. According to
data from the United States
Census Bureau, 5.2 percent
of Americans made this their
reality in 2017.

There are many advantages to
working at home, including a
sense of control, fuel savings
and flexible hours. If you’re
considering making the leap
from a typical nine-to-five into
the world of freelance, here are
some strategies to consider.


Working at home requires
dedication so distractions won’t
cause you to procrastinate.
A way to avoid falling into
the comfort of home when
there is work to be done is
to use a space as a dedicated
office. Creating a workplace
environment away from your
favorite recliner, televisions and
curious children helps you stay
focused on the job.

PoSSible At-Home

Are you looking for a career
change that allows you to work
from home? Here are a couple
professions that are on the
rise. Many of these emerging
careers don’t require extensive
education and can usually be
mastered with hard work and
hands-on training.
Social media manager:

Successful companies use social
media to their advantage. This
strategic form of advertising
allows them to get their message
to large groups of people,
instantly. To be effective, they
typically hire a manager to
navigate their vision. If you’re a
creative professional with great
writing chops and a good handle

on communicating tactics, you
can help take a company’s social
media presence to the next level.
Graphic designer: Graphic design
is another niche that businesses
rely on for logos and impressive
ads that help them stand apart
from their competition. If you
have a degree in design and
some business networking skills,

you can easily make a homebased career out of graphic

StArt SmAll

Don’t expect to plan your
retirement during the first year
of working from your home
office. Just like in a typical work
environment, you will face ups

and downs throughout your
As you get started working
from home, consider filling
down time with smaller jobs.
While they may not make a big
impact financially, these jobs
offer exposure and networking
advantages that can pay off
down the road.


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